Does Patrick Mahomes deserve to be a part of Pro Bowl 2022 roster?

Denver Broncos v Kansas City Chiefs
Denver Broncos v Kansas City Chiefs
Ian Van Roy

Patrick Mahomes is one of the most famous players in the NFL, but is he one of the best? To make the Pro Bowl roster, one needs a mix of great popularity and productivity.

Mahomes undoubtedly has an immense amount of popularity, but has he been productive enough?

Does Patrick Mahomes deserve his Pro Bowl selection?

Buffalo Bills v Kansas City Chiefs
Buffalo Bills v Kansas City Chiefs

Patrick Mahomes is not the same player in 2021 as in 2019 and 2020. If he was playing at the same level, he would undoubtedly make the cut for the Pro Bowl with no "ifs ands or buts."

However, since he clearly took a step back this season, the question is whether he has still done enough to earn the honor.

Mahomes is currently ranked fifth in the NFL for passing yards and third in the AFC for passing yards, according to NFL leaderboards. He's third in the AFC West behind Derek Carr and Justin Herbert.

To be third in one's division as a quarterback for passing yards is a tough sell to make a Pro Bowl roster as a starter.

In terms of passing touchdowns, Mahomes is ranked sixth in the NFL and third in the AFC. He's second in the AFC West in passing touchdowns, chasing Justin Herbert's 32 touchdowns.

By these marks, Mahomes appears to be worthy of a spot on the Pro Bowl roster. However, there's a big elephant in the room.

He really put him to sleep 😴😴😴

Mahomes has the fourth-most interceptions in the NFL and, interestingly, the fourth-most interceptions in the AFC. Normally, this would disqualify most quarterbacks from a Pro Bowl selection.

However, eight of the nine most interception-prone quarterbacks are in the AFC. The six quarterbacks to have thrown the most interceptions this season all come from the AFC.

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As such, Mahomes gets a semi-pass considering his company in that ranking. Joe Burrow, Ryan Tannehill, Lamar Jackson, Justin Herbert and Josh Allen are all quarterbacks in the running for the Pro Bowl and within one interception of Mahomes.

Broncos No. 2 scoring defense gets no love from its peers:Faced all three of AFC QBs -- 3 TDs combined, 3 INTs, 6 sacks (will face Herbert and Mahomes in final two week)Faced 3 of 4 AFC WRs selected -- 10 catches combined, 110 yards combined, 0 TDs

When one looks at the whole picture of quarterbacks in the AFC, no one jumps out as standout candidates. As such, popularity acted as a tie-breaker, giving Mahomes the edge.


Mahomes has had great years in the past and his great seasons of 2019 and 2020 are still paying dividends in 2021.

Until someone comes along and explodes past the group of quarterbacks currently ruling the AFC, Mahomes may be comfortable resting on his laurels and amongst the top vote getters of quarterback in the AFC.

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