"Get to make fun of Peyton for 3 hours on live TV" - Eli Manning lists his reasons for enjoying the ManningCast broadcast

Peyton and Eli Manning on the Manningcast
Peyton and Eli Manning on the Manningcast

Eli Manning is known for many things, but there are two that tend to stand out more than others. The first is that he is a member of the Mannings, which is considered the First Family of Football.

His father, Archie Manning, is revered in the state of Louisiana as he played for the New Orleans Saints at a time when they weren't really good at all (1971-1982).

And you may have heard of his older brother named Peyton. He's only one of the greatest quarterbacks to ever play in the NFL, and it's very likely that you'll see his face endorsing some type of product as you enjoy Sunday's NFL games.

Now Eli is known for something else, being the co-host (along with his brother Peyton) of ManningCast, which is an alternative broadcast of Monday Night Football.

During a recent interview with Eli on NFL Network's Good Morning Football, the former New York Giants legend talked about why it is so great to co-host the ManningCast.

Eli Manning enjoying his time as co-host of the ManningCast

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During Eli Manning's interview on Good Morning Football, former Super Bowl MVP Kurt Warner posed the question, "What has been the most enjoyable part for you of the ManningCast?"

Eli responded that he really enjoys spending time with his brother Peyton as they watch and talk football. He stated that, because they were both in the NFL for years, they had not been able to watch a game together in 20 years (before the ManningCast).

Eli also mentioned that, because of their previous NFL schedules, they were never able to get together for Thanksgiving or Christmas. He enjoys now having the chance to spend time with his big brother, and the cherry on top is being able to talk about football and come up with stories or material for the broadcast.

Then came a bit of truth serum.

Eli stated the following about why he likely really enjoys his time on the ManningCast:

"I get to watch a football game and make fun of him for three hours, you know, on live TV, that's a pretty good scenario. I didn't know that existed when I retired."

The next ManningCast episode is this Monday, December 13 for the Arizona Cardinals vs. the Los Angeles Rams. Kickoff is at 8:15 p.m. EST.

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