"Not a chance in hell" - NFL fans mock Washington Commanders for silly Patrick Mahomes approach

Washington Football Team Announces Name Change to Washington Commanders
Washington Football Team Announces Name Change to Washington Commanders

The Washington Commanders just changed their name. Apparently, they were looking to change a lot more.

The team reportedly inquired to the Chiefs about Patrick Mahomes' availability. In terms of quarterback stability, it doesn't get much more stable than Mahomes.

However, the Commanders took their shot, knowing they would be dragged over the coals if word got out.

Put simply, word got out and the coals are now ablaze. Here are some of the best reactions to the news from fans on Twitter.

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This was the underlying thought process of everyone except the person who authorized the phone call. It is rare to see the entire NFL community united on a topic, but this appears to be one thing every fan agrees on.

Simple, effective, and hilarious. This could be as close to what the Chiefs executives said. Of course, they likely said it in politically correct rhetoric, but this is what they meant.

In all honesty, this is likely how the talk went when determining how to acquire Patrick Mahomes.

This meme fits this situation perfectly. The Commanders took the words of Wayne Gretzky and Michael Scott to their extremes.

Even if the Washington Commanders could get the quarterback, they would have to trade everything. This would essentially be like someone making $10,000 somehow getting a loan for a mansion in Beverly Hills.

Sure, they have it. However, they will have nothing else for the rest of their lives.

Former Houston Texans head coach Bill O' Brien is still getting flak for essentially giving away DeAndre Hopkins.

This reaction deserves more likes.

This is true. However, expect violent rejection.

This is also true, but no one was likely going to ask or fire them if they did not.

As the NFL zeitgeist has shown, it does indeed hurt to check.

Why did the Washington Commanders make a run at Patrick Mahomes?

AFC Wild Card Playoffs - Pittsburgh Steelers v Kansas City Chiefs
AFC Wild Card Playoffs - Pittsburgh Steelers v Kansas City Chiefs

On the off-chance the team could get Patrick Mahomes, they would jump to the top of the division and also enter a Super Bowl window. With the best of the NFC hitting retirement, the window to get to the big game in the NFC hasn't been this low in a long time.

As such, why shouldn't the team, who just completed a once-in-a-generation name change, go for broke to completely change the team's future? The jokes will be forgotten, but had the team succeeded in getting Mahomes, the NFL world would have never forgotten.

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