Who is Amy Trask? Former Raiders CEO reveals inappropriate comments made by Bruce Allen

Former Las Vegas Raiders and first female CEO in NFL history Amy Trask
Former Las Vegas Raiders and first female CEO in NFL history Amy Trask
Nick Goodling

Amy Trask has been in the news recently about her experiences with the Las Vegas Raiders. Trask was the first female CEO in NFL history. Between 1987 and 2013, Trask held a multitude of positions with the Raiders.

Being a woman in a male-centric sport, Trask had a lot of hurdles to jump through.

But Amy Trask also had the unfortunate circumstances of working with Bruce Allen. Allen was the recipient and sender of inappropriate emails between himself and former Raiders head coach Jon Gruden.

Trask went on CBS Sports Network to tell her side of the story on Allen and Gruden.

A very important edition of Trask Talkin'.Our @AmyTrask, former Raiders CEO, discusses at large the fallout from the emails leaked during the Washington Football Team investigation including Jon Gruden's resignation.

Amy Trask reveals she reported inappropriate comments made by Allen multiple times.

In the interview, Amy Trask revealed she was aware of the inappropriate conduct by Allen. She said,

“So, for that reason, I will share that I did hear comments of that nature from the individual to whom Jon [Gruden] sent those emails,” (referring to Bruce Allen). “And I did speak up. I spoke up repeatedly, I spoke up forcefully. I talked to the owner about it. Because to be silent would have been to be complicit.”

The most notable takeaway from this interview was that Trask reported Allen's behavior to the NFL and owner Al Davis multiple times. Allen worked at the same time as Trask with the Raiders for eight years.

another detail uncovered by colleagues Henry and Jason Owens: Bruce Allen emailed a right-wing radio host in 2018 to encourage him to continue hammering Kaepernick, further poisoning (some) public sentiment against the banished QB…

Allen was fired from the Washington Football Team in December 2019. In 2020, Washington began being investigated for workplace misconduct.

650,000 emails were found in the investigation, and Jon Gruden took the fall.

Amy Trask makes separate comments on Jon Gruden not wanting to talk to her.

Amy Trask also briefly discussed her relationship with Gruden in the interview. She did not condemn Gruden for any specific allegations against her.

She did mention that he went out of his way not to interact with her.

“I did not hear anything of that nature, nor did I sense anything of that nature, but I will quickly note, I didn’t interact with Jon a lot, and that was by Jon’s choice. Jon made very clear throughout the organization he did not want to interact with me. Had I heard him say anything of that nature, I would have spoken up. Because silence is complicity.

Trask also said that since new Raiders owner Mark Davis hired Gruden, it's on him to own up to it. She also said she doesn't believe the NFL is responsible for leaking the emails.

The NFL has an uncomfortable situation on its hands, but one it must deal with accordingly. Trask ended her interview with an excellent point. This kind of behavior isn't just an NFL or business issue but it's also a societal issue.

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