How does Aaron Rodgers' playoff record compare to Tom Brady?

QBs Aaron Rodgers and Tom Brady
QBs Aaron Rodgers and Tom Brady

While he is one of the greatest regular-season quarterbacks of all time, Aaron Rodgers' playoff record leaves much more to be desired. He has won four NFL MVP awards, the second-most in NFL history, but has only appeared in one Super Bowl.

Rodgers has won more NFL MVP awards than Tom Brady, who has won three so far during his legendary career. The major difference is Brady's postseason success, including an NFL record seven Super Bowl rings in ten appearances.

Here's how the overall picture of his playoff record compares to Tom Brady's.

Tom Brady vs. Aaron Rodgers' playoff record

Tom Brady and Aaron Rodgers
Tom Brady and Aaron Rodgers

Rodgers' playoff record currently sits at 11-10 overall. He opened his career by winning four of his first five postseason games, including winning a Super Bowl ring with the Green Bay Packers. Since then, his playoff record has been a disappointing 7-9.

Tom Brady is the golden standard of postseason success in NFL history. He owns almost every playoff record possible for any quarterback ever. He put together an outstanding 30-11 postseason record during his legendary run with the New England Patriots.

He has followed that up by going 5-1 in the playoffs with the Tampa Bay Buccaneers so far. His career playoff record stands at 35-12.

Tom Brady vs. Aaron Rodgers playoff TDs

Rodgers has totaled 45 touchdown passes across his 21 career playoff starts. He has also added four rushing touchdowns, bringing his overall total to 49. He solidly averages more than two touchdowns per game in his postseason career.


Brady has thrown for an NFL-record 86 touchdown passes during his career in the NFL Playoffs. He has also chipped in with an additional seven rushing touchdowns, while his 93 roral postseason touchdowns are also the most by any player in NFL history.

Tom Brady vs. Aaron Rodgers playoff losses

Rodgers has lost ten of his 21 career playoff games so far, whereas Brady has lost just 12 of 47 career postseason games. This means that Rodgers has recorded a victory in 52.38% of his playoff game appearances, while Brady has 74.47% of his.

Tom Brady vs. Aaron Rodgers H2H record

Both players have faced off against each other five times during their careers. Brady holds the overall advantage with a 3-2 record. They last played during the 2022 NFL season, with Rodgers earning his second victory against Brady.


The two future Pro Football Hall of Famers have only met once during the NFL playoffs. It occurred following the 2021 NFL season, with Tom Brady coming away with a win.

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