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2021 NFL Draft: How Burger King helped Whop Philyor adopt his nickname

Indiana Hoosiers WR Whop Philyor
Indiana Hoosiers WR Whop Philyor
Walter Sharp
Modified 04 Apr 2021

2021 NFL Draft prospect Mister Elias De'Angelo Philyor adopted the nickname Whop Philyor when he was just six years old. Mister's father, Daniel, gathered up Mister and put him in the backseat of his car and drove over the the local Burger King which was his father's favorite restaurant. Daniel shared parenting with his former wife of 13 years, Holley Mouling.

Being a single father and not the best cook, Daniel made it a ritual to load up his son and head to Burger King. Daniel's order was always the same and he always got a cheeseburger kids meal for his son Mister. One day when the two went to Burger King Mister did something that gave him a nickname that stuck with him until this day.

2021 NFL Draft: What happened on the trip to Burger King that gave Whop Philyor his nickname?

Indiana WR Whop Philyor
Indiana WR Whop Philyor

During the traditional trip to Burger King, Daniel asked his son what he wanted to eat. Mister replied, "I want what your having dad." This threw Daniel back because a whopper with cheese was a big meal for a little kid. Daniel told his son, "Man, you can't eat the big old burger, boy."

After weeks of asking his father to get him a whopper with cheese, Daniel let Philyor try the adult meal. The teenager surprised his father and demolished the whopper with cheese and his father started calling him "Little Whop." Who would've thought that a nickname from a fast food restaurant stuck for 16 years.

Indiana head coach Tom Allen met Whop Philyor during his sophomore season at Plant High School in Tampa, Florida. Allen was thrown off by Whop's nickname, telling ESPN during an interview that his first reaction was, "I'm like, are you kidding me?" it made Allen laugh a little bit. During his time at Indiana, Tom Allen didn't call him Whop, instead he called him Whopper.


Whop Philyor has had a successful career for the Indiana Hoosiers and if a part of one of the best wide receiver drafts in recent history. Even though Whop Philyor will not hear his name called until the second day of the NFL Draft, it will still hold a place in his heart to hear his name called.

Whop Philyor is ready to start his journey in the NFL and appreciates everything that his mother and father has done for him. He says he gets his hard work mentality from his mother. Whop Philyor has a bright future in the NFL and it will be interesting to see when his name gets called during the 2021 NFL Draft.

Published 04 Apr 2021, 14:23 IST
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