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NFL: How good is Baker Mayfield?

Cleveland Browns v New York Giants
Cleveland Browns v New York Giants
Mab Sidam
Modified 24 Dec 2020, 23:39 IST

In Cleveland, it is well known at this point that there exists two Baker Mayfieds. One version of the third-year Browns quarterback is brash and overconfident -- the other is moody and timid.

Whichever one shows up usually decides the end result for the Cleveland Browns. Let's analyze both

*All stats as of Dec. 24, 2020*

Baker Mayfield vs Teams .500 or Worse

Games: 9

Record: 8-1

15 touchdowns, 2 interceptions

Completion percentage (average): 65.9 percent

QBR (average): 69.27


Baker Mayfield vs Teams .500 or Better

Games: 5

Record: 2-3

10 touchdowns, 6 interceptions

Completion percentage (average): 60.3 percent

QBR (average): 59.84

So How Good Is Baker Mayfield?

The good news first. Baker Mayfield beats up on bad teams as all good QB's should.

The bad news is he's just average against good teams. In big games all franchise QB's must elevate above their team and perform well as QB's have such a huge influence on the overall result. Good play from a QB on a bad team is enough to keep a team competitive when they really shouldn't be in that ball game.


Baker Mayfield is on a super stacked team and can't keep big games competitive. That is something to be concerned about. 2 of his 3 losses were straight out blow outs where the Browns and Baker Mayfield were outscored 76-13. Mayfield has a strong run game with not one but TWO good to great backs, one of PFF's highest graded offensive lines, 3 receivers with catch percentage over 70 and a coach in Kevin Stefanski who calls a lot of play action to further help Mayfield.

Despite all of this support Mayfield is yet to ascend to elite level status as a QB. Baker Mayfield has been surpassed by his own peers such as Josh Allen and even younger QB's like Kyler Murray

Baker Mayfield is above average but not great. So what does that mean for the Cleveland Browns?

Baker Mayfield Is Dak Prescott

Cleveland Browns v Dallas Cowboys
Cleveland Browns v Dallas Cowboys

A few years ago Dak Prescott was Baker Mayfield. The Dallas Cowboys had a strong run game, a dominant offensive line, a defense with some pieces and most importantly a head coach who called plays to protect his young QB. It's well known what happened there, the running back aged and declined due to all the contact hits, the offensive line begun to struggle with injuries due to the grueling nature of setting the run, the head coach started failing to hide for his QB's defects and was eventually fired. The Cowboys are hesitant to pay a QB who peaks at 8-8 or 9-7 while putting up all time volume to some what create value along the way.

The Browns shouldn't fall into this trap. As Baker Mayfield gets more expensive the Browns will have to cut off essential parts to afford someone who doesn't elevate the franchise.

Baker Mayfield is good, he is not great if the league was made up of just Jacksonville's, Cincinnati's and Texans he would be Aaron Rodgers but anytime he goes against a team above those levels he grades out at his best at just good that's not a franchise QB.

Published 24 Dec 2020, 23:39 IST
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