How much is an NFL Super Bowl ring worth?

Baltimore Ravens Super Bowl Championship ring
Baltimore Ravens Super Bowl Championship ring

The NFL Super Bowl ring has grown in size since its inception.

Rings in the 1980s and 1990s looked more like high school class rings. The Super Bowl rings now take up almost a whole finger.

Looking at the size and the number of diamonds in the NFL Super Bowl ring, it brings a thought to the mind of every NFL fans: how much is an NFL Super Bowl ring worth?

What is the most expensive NFL Super Bowl ring?

Super Bowl LIII - New England Patriots v Los Angeles Rams
Super Bowl LIII - New England Patriots v Los Angeles Rams

Tom Brady has six Super Bowl rings with the New England Patriots. If we put together all six of those Super Bowl rings, there are a total of 1,274 diamonds in them.

With Brady having six rings, they probably add up to a good chunk of change.

The most expensive ring to be sold in an auction is the Super Bowl XXV one, which was played between the Buffalo Bills and New York Giants.

Lawrence Taylors' Super Bowl ring is worth $230,000. The Super Bowl I ring is worth $100,000.

Here are a list of the top six NFL Super Bowl rings that have been sold in auctions:

1) Lawrence Taylor ($230, 401)

In 2012, Lawrence Taylors' Super Bowl XXV ring was sold in Laguna Niguel, California during the SCP Auction.

2) William "Refrigerator" Perry ($203,150)

In 1985, the NFL had to have a ring specially made for William "Refrigerator" Perry. The ring size for William "Refrigerator" Perry was a size 25.

3) Steve Wright ($73,409)

During the Grey Flannel Auction, Steve Wright's 1966 Super Bowl Championship ring was sold in Westhampton, New York. Wright's ring was the first Super Bowl ring, from Super Bowl I, to be sold in an auction.

4) Jamal Lewis ($49,770)

Former Baltimore Ravens running back Jamal Lewis' 2012 Super Bowl Championship ring sold at the Goldin Auction in West Berlin, New Jersey.

5) Joe Gilliam ($38,423)

In 2011 former Pittsburgh Steeler Joe Gilliams 1975 Super Bowl ring sold at the Lelands in Bohemia, New York. Leland has sold more Super Bowl rings than any other sports auction business.

6) Jim Langer ($37,375)

There were not many of the 1972 Super Bowl Championship rings that made it to auction. Former center Jim Langer's Super Bowl ring was sold by Hunt Auctions in Exton, Pennsylvania.

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