Is Damar Hamlin going on Masked Singer? Bills safety fuels speculation with latest appearance

Pittsburgh Steelers v Buffalo Bills
Damar Hamlin during Pittsburgh Steelers vs Buffalo Bills

Damar Hamlin's future has been the subject of rampant speculation. The Masked Singer seems to be the latest in that list of potential destinations.

As we know by now, Hamlin collapsed in a game against the Cincinnati Bengals while playing for the Buffalo Bills in the 2022 NFL season. It was later revealed to be a cardiac arrest. The game was suspended and later canceled, while the stricken player was taken to the University of Cincinnati Medical Center. First responders and medical professionals pulled out all the stops to ensure he recovered and returned home.

We now know where his latest public appearance was: on the set of The Masked Singer. The footballer was seen on stage with Nick Cannon on Tuesday night. He was present with his younger sibling Damir, who's reported to be a huge fan of the show. He also sported his charity on his hoodie and shorts. He's using the platform he has and bringing it onto the star-studded show to further causes he vested in.

Damar Hamlin made his first public speaking appearance last night on The Masked Singer. Show hasn't aired yet. His 7 year old brother is a big fan of the show. The Hamlin's were a special guest.

This is Hamlin's second public appearance. After returning to Buffalo, he was seen for the first time in public when the Bills hosted the Cincinnati Bengals in the Divisional Playoff round.

Despite his uplifting presence, the Bills could not overcome the Bengals to make the AFC Championship game. It's not yet known if his medical condition will allow him to return to the field, which is why fans are looking out for what he does next.

What has Damar Hamlin been doing since his remarkable recovery from cardiac arrest?

Damar Hamlin has made a miraculous recovery, aided by medical professionals and his strong will, to return to a semblance of normal life. While his football career is on pause at the moment, where he has reached till now is no mean feat.

However, it was clear even during the ordeal that he had a personality far beyond football and rooted in the community. Fans donated in millions to his toy drive, which he started before his cardiac arrest. He had intended to give the proceeds to needy kids and could never have imagined raising the kind of money he eventually did.

Apart from the toys, the fund is expected to be transferred to Hamlin's apparel company Chasing M's. He will use part of the funds for the sale of new t-shirts, emblazoned with “Did We Win?” along with his hands in the shape of a heart. The objective will be to raise money for the trauma center in Cincinnati that treated him.

Damar Hamlin has carried on that same sense of empathy and charity in his recovery too. He has now started the "3 for Heart" challenge, partnering with the American Heart Association (AHA) in the endeavor.

After CPR saved his life on the field, this challenge was created to increase awareness about the procedure. Mirroing his playing number, there are three steps to this challenge: learning hands-only CPR, donating to the AHA to fund CPR awareness and education, and challenging three people to do the same.

Such acts of service by Damar Hamlin have added to the worth of his physical recovery. What could have been a situation with the worst possible ending has instead turned around and presented the best of outcomes.

Many people are benefiting from his big heart, literally, as Damar Hamlin sets about making the world a better place. He has spoken movingly about many causes, and we expect to keep hearing from him with increasing regularity in the coming days.

It was only fitting that Hamlin was honored on "The Masked Singer" along with his brother. Given his penchant for moving words on social media and deep sense of community, Damar Hamlin would never have looked out of place in a singing contest. We look forward to seeing him when the episode airs.

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