Is Kyler Murray playing vs. the San Francisco 49ers tonight? Injury report for the Cardinals QB

New England Patriots v Arizona Cardinals
New England Patriots v Arizona Cardinals

Kyler Murray is the Arizona Cardinals' franchise QB, and since coming into the league, he has been one of the better players in his position. Murray has an electric playing style similar to a younger Russell Wilson, and that's largely due to his slight build at QB.

That style of play has yielded dividends for the Cardinals, as the Oklahoma State University alum dragged them into the postseason last season. Murray was so good that he managed to strong-arm the Cardinals into a massive extension, making him one of the five best-paid players in the league.

Unfortunately for Murray and the Cardinals, the 2022 NFL season hasn't been so kind, with Murray suffering an ACL tear that ended his season prematurely.

Due to his injury, Kyler Murray will not be playing against the San Francisco 49ers tonight, as he will be focused on recovering from surgery. The fourth-year pro had surgery on his torn ACL on Wednesday, labeled a success by Cardinals' head coach, Kliff Kingsbury.

Kingsbury also stated that Murray is unlikely to be available for week one of the 2023 NFL regular season, indicating the state of the injury. In the meantime, the Cardinals' faithful will have to feature with backup QB Colt McCoy, the only other experienced quarterback on their roster.

Kyler Murray #birdcityfootball underwent surgery to repair his ACL and meniscus today. How does the addition of the meniscus impact rehab? And with 9 months until the start of next season, what is Murray’s outlook for 2023? #nfl #NFLTwitter

Kyler Murray's Fantasy Outlook

Kyler Murray, on his day, is a delight for fantasy managers all over the league. His style of play is high-risk, highly rewarding, and bound to produce a whole lot of fantasy points. He is known to be an expert at scrambling for space and making impressive throws that seem impossible for a player of his frame.

This style of play saw him selected to back-to-back Pro Bowls and get a very lucrative contract extension. Unfortunately, it might have led to the ACL tear that is likely to keep him sidelined until the early weeks of next season.

Murray's head coach, Kingsbury, told news reporters on Wednesday that his star quarterback underwent successful surgery on his ACL.

Murray needed ACL reconstructive surgery and a meniscus repair. The early thought is that he won't be ready for the start of the 2023 season. It remains to be seen how the Cardinals will handle the absence of a player so instrumental to their style of play.

ACL surgery was successful, thank you for all the love and prayers. I appreciate the support and positivity more than I can express, I’ll be back.🥋

How was Kyler Murray performing this season?

Kyler Murray had a pretty average season by his high standards and was on pace to post career-low numbers across all statistical categories. Unfortunately for him and the Cardinals, he sustained an ACL injury in his eleventh game of the season, and hasn't taken to the Gridiron since.

Murray is currently putting up a tipsy turvy stat line, to say the least. The fourth-year pro has a stat line of 2,368 passing yards, 14 touchdowns, and seven interceptions in 11 games played in 2022.

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