Michigan Wolverines head coach Jim Harbaugh reveals Tom Brady gave him special advice ahead of win against Buckeyes

Tom Brady under center for Tampa Bay Buccaneers against New York Giants
Tom Brady under center for Tampa Bay Buccaneers against New York Giants

Tom Brady has spent half of his natural life as an NFL quarterback. The 44 year-old is currently in his 22nd year as an NFL player. But before being drafted in the sixth-round of the 2000 NFL Draft by the New England Patriots, Brady was the quarterback for the Michigan Wolverines.

Being the quarterback of such a historic college team as the Michigan Wolverines is a club that only a few have been a part of. Another person who has called the plays as quarterback of the Wolverines is their current head coach Jim Harbaugh.

Just this past Saturday, Harbaugh pulled off the greatest win of his college coaching career in defeating their longtime rivals the Ohio State Buckeyes at home in Ann Arbor, Michigan.

Wow! Jim Harbaugh finally did. He’s about to lift @UMichFootball over @OhioStateFB. Finally! Didn’t see this coming. Congrats. Now he finally deserves his props!

Harbaugh recently revealed the advice Tom Brady gave him ahead of Saturday's big game.

What advice did Tom Brady give Jim Harbaugh before Saturday's Michigan vs. Ohio State tilt?

Prior to Saturday's matchup between the University of Michigan and Ohio State University, Harbaugh had never defeated the Buckeyes as head coach of Michigan. With the win, Harbaugh has been congratulated by college coaches, NFL coaches, fans, and celebrities alike.

But Harbaugh credits advice given to him by Tom Brady for helping him and his team get over the hump Saturday.

Here's what Harbaugh had to say about the advice:

"As I texted you, I just noticed about our team, they play their best when they play loose and they play with joy and they play with gusto. And who better to text and ask, ‘How do you best do that?"
"You gave me tremendous advice, and then to see our players go out there and play with that kind of joy and that kind of gusto from the first snap to the end of the game, tremendous to be a part of."

The advice from Tom Brady helped Harbaugh with getting his team loose for the game against Ohio State, and it showed on the field as Michigan won by a score of 42-27.

In the same podcast episode, Brady also spoke about his team's recent 38-31 victory over the Indianapolis Colts. Brady decided to take a light-hearted jab at the team once known as his most fierce rival.

"I think I’ve beat the Colts the last nine times I’ve played them. It turns out that horseshoe on their helmet isn’t as lucky as it seems. It really sucks for them, but not for us."

'Tampa Tom' is now free to speak his mind without any rebuttal from anyone, including his head coach.

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