3 best landing spots for Lamar Jackson if Ravens and QB decide to part ways

New England Patriots v Baltimore Ravens.
New England Patriots v Baltimore Ravens.

Lamar Jackson finds himself in a perplexing situation. His career, while young, has been both promising and sub-standard. In 2019, Jackson appeared to be on his way to being crowned the best QB in the league after winning league MVP. However, he went on to underperform in 2020 and 2021, leading several to believe that his lack of touch with the football in hand could become a detriment to the Baltimore Ravens' future success.

Currently, Lamar Jackson has reason to be frustrated as he's watching his fellow QBs ink enormous contracts. Jackson, unsurprisingly, is hoping to become one of the highest-paid players in the entire league. However, considering his lackluster performances as of late, Baltimore could be having second thoughts.

If the Ravens are unwilling to tie up Jackson with the sort of life-changing money that he's looking for, he could find himself wearing another jersey sooner than many were expecting.

If the Ravens are willing to part ways with Lamar Jackson, there would be a handful of teams that would benefit a great deal from his services.

#1 Seattle Seahawks

Detroit Lions v Seattle Seahawks.
Detroit Lions v Seattle Seahawks.

The Seattle Seahawks are in a problematic situation. Although Pete Carroll has been praised to no end, his defensive chops have been called into question over the past few seasons.

Additionally, with the loss of Bobby Wagner and the current holdout of wide receiver DK Metcalf, Seattle could be in for a long season.

Most importantly, the recent trade of Russell Wilson to the Denver Broncos has left Seattle in dire need of a quarterback. Lamar Jackson, who could become available, has many of the same attributes as Wilson. Although Jackson’s accuracy can be categorized as average at best, the former league MVP is a far better thrower than Drew Lock, Seattle’s current quarterback.

Even with Wilson under center, Carroll was very much stuck in his primitive ways, opting to run the ball more times than not. With Lamar Jackson, Carroll would have a quarterback who’s accustomed to not only tucking it and running with the ball but also handing it off in the backfield. All things considered, these two might be a perfect match.

#2 New York Giants

New York Giants v Miami Dolphins.
New York Giants v Miami Dolphins.

This is the year that Daniel Jones has to prove his worth. Giants fans were shocked and disappointed when Jones was drafted with the sixth overall pick in the 2019 NFL Draft, but they've learned to live with him as their starting QB.

To his credit, Jones has shown flashes of brilliance, but ultimately, they’ve occurred far too infrequently.


The consistent repetitions in practice with the first team, the persistent backing of the coaching staff, and the loving support of his teammates have done little to push Jones in the right direction. In fact, he’s gone the other way.

  • 2019 season: 3,027 passing yards, 24 touchdowns
  • 2020 season: 2,943 passing yards, 11 touchdowns
  • 2021 season: 2,428 passing yards, 10 touchdowns

With Jones continuing to produce meager numbers, he could find himself languishing at the end of the bench as the team begins its search for a new franchise QB.

Former league MVP Lamar Jackson could be made available if he’s unable to agree to a deal with the Baltimore Ravens. Admittedly, Jackson’s numbers have plummeted since 2019, but injuries have played a major role in his recent production.

Regardless of whether or not Lamar Jackson regains his magic, he’ll be a considerable upgrade on Jones.

#3 Washington Commanders

Washington Commanders Introduce Carson Wentz.
Washington Commanders Introduce Carson Wentz.

Carson Wentz's once tantalizing talent has become a burden over the past few seasons. The Washington Commanders, much like the Philadelphia Eagles and the Indianapolis Colts, are hoping to get him back on track.

By all accounts, Wentz played solidly during his time as a Colt last season. The former Pro Bowler threw for 3,563 yards, 27 touchdowns, and only seven interceptions. While he was solid overall, he came up incredibly short during the final two games of the season, throwing for just 139.5 yards per game during that stretch.


Wentz, unsurprisingly, was dismissed following the end of the season and sent to the Commanders. As Washington now begins its third reclamation project, they could find out that Wentz is simply a shadow of his former self.

In desperate need of a bonafide signal-caller to compete with the New York Giants, Dallas Cowboys, and the aforementioned Eagles, Washington would have the best QB in the division if they got their hands on Lamar Jackson. With the return of a healthy Chase Young, Washington could turn their mediocre team into one of the most dominant lineups in the entire league.

Wentz has proven his capabilities before in 2017 when he drove the Eagles into the playoffs with a magnificent regular season performance. Though it was Nick Foles who ultimately won it for Philadelphia, Wentz remained the primary driving force for the Eagles that season.

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