Las Vegas Raiders' 22 head coach history and ranking the Top 5

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Hall of Fame head coach John Madden

The Las Vegas Raiders, formerly of Oakland and Los Angeles, have been in existence since the 1906 NFL season. They are a storied franchise with an enormous fan base. They won three Super Bowl rings within their more than 60 years in the league.

The franchise has gone through 22 different head coaches since being created. Eddie Erdelatz was the first head coach in Las Vegas Raiders history. Their current head coach entering the 2022 NFL season is Josh McDaniels, who took over the job from interim head coach Rich Bisaccia, who replaced the legendary John Gruden after he mutually parted ways with the organization.

Las Vegas Raiders head coach history table

Las Vegas Raiders head coach Josh McDaniels
Las Vegas Raiders head coach Josh McDaniels

Here is the complete list of Las Vegas Raiders head coaches since the team's inception.

CoachYearsRegular season recordPlayoff recordChampionships
Eddie Erdelatz1960 - 19616 - 100 - 00
Marty Feldman1961 - 19622 - 150 - 00
Bill Conkright19621 - 80 - 00
Al Davis1963 - 196523 - 16 - 30 - 00
John Rauch1966 - 196833 - 8 - 12 - 20
John Madden1969 - 1978103 - 32 - 79 - 71
Tom Flores1979 - 198783 - 538 - 32
Mike Shanahan1988 - 19898 - 120 - 00
Mike White1995 - 199615 - 170 - 00
Joe Bugel19974 - 120 - 00
Bill Callhan2002 - 200315 - 172 - 10
Norv Turner2004 - 20059 - 230 - 00
Art Shell1989 - 1994, 2005 - 200656 - 522 - 30
Lane Kiffin2007 - 20085 - 150 - 00
Tom Cable2008 - 201017 - 270 - 00
Hue Jackson20118 - 80 - 00
Dennis Allen2012 - 20148 - 280 - 00
Tony Sparano20143 - 90 - 00
Jack Del Rio2015 - 201725 - 230 - 10
Jon Gruden1998 - 2001, 2018 - 202160 - 572 - 30
Rich Bisaccia20217 - 50 - 10
Josh McDaniels2022 - present0 - 20 - 00

Las Vegas Raiders head coach history

Eddie Erdelatz

Eddie Erdelatz is the first head coach in Las Vegas Raiders history. He posted a 6-8 record in their inaugural season as a franchise in 196. He was relieved of his duties after starting the 1961 season with a 0-2 record.

Marty Feldman

Marty Feldman took over for Eddie Erdelatz two games into the 1961 NFL season. He won just two of the Raiders' final 12 games of the year. He started the 1962 season by losing the first five games and was let go before ever coaching a full season from start to finish.

Bill Conkright

Bill Conkright finished out the 1962 NFL season after Marty Feldman was removed from his position as the head coach. Conkright couldn't find much more success than Feldman. He won just one of his nine games as interim head coach.

Al Davis

Al Davis is best known for being one of the most controversial owners in NFL history. He also served as the head coach for the Raiders, the team he formerly owned and his son Mark Davis now owns. He spent three years in the position, posting a respectable 23-16-3 record.


John Rauch

John Rauch posted a winning record in all three of his seasons as the head coach of the Raiders. He also helped the team reach their first playoff appearance following the 1967 NFL season. They made it all the way to the Super Bowl before being eliminated.

John Madden

John Madden is a Las Vegas Raiders legend and one of the most respected head coaches in NFL history. His .759 regular-season winning percentage is the best by any coach ever, with, at least, 100 career wins. He also helped the Raiders win their first Super Bowl ring.


Tom Flores

Tom Flores continued the winning culture for the Raiders, which was started by John Rauch and followed by John Madden. Flores helped the Las Vegas Raiders win two of their three Super Bowl rings in franchise history, while also posting a franchise-best 8-3 postseason career record.

Mike Shanahan

While Mike Shanahan had a legendary head coaching career with the Denver Broncos, he never found that same success in his previous job with the Raiders. In two seasons, he posted just a 8-12 overall record.

Mike White

Mike White was the head coach of the Las Vegas Raiders for two years in the 1995 and 1996 NFL seasons. He fell to just below the .500 mark after posting a 15 - 17 career record.

Joe Bugel

Joe Bugel would get just one season in the head coaching position for the Las Vegas Raiders. He held the job for just the 1997 NFL season, where his 4-12 record didn't earn him a second look.

Bill Callahan

Bill Callahan is a well-respected offensive-minded coach with a successful history as an offensive coordinator. He also had a relatively successful run in his two years as the Las Vegas Raiders head coach, making the playoffs and winning two postseason games.

Norv Turner

Norv Turner could never really get things going in his two seasons as the Raiders head coach, posting a disappointing 9-23 record. He would later go on to have a successful career with the Los Angeles Chargers.

Art Shell

Art Shell spent two separate stints as the head coach of the Las Vegas Raiders. He held the job from 1989 to 1995 and then again from 2005 to 2005. In all, he recorded a 58-55 overall record, including two playoff wins.

Lane Kiffin

During his time in college football and in the NFL, Lane Kiffin developed a reputation for being a controversial coach. His run with the Raiders lasted just 20 games, and he won only five of them.

Tom Cable

Tom Cable took over for Lane Kiffin when he lost his job as the head coach of the Raiders in the 2008 NFL season. Cable lasted another two seasons after that, posting a 17-27 overall record.

Hue Jackson

Hue Jackson was given a shot as the head coach of the Raiders starting in the 2011 NFL season. That would be his only year in the position for the franchise after going an even 8-8 that season.

Dennis Allen

Dennis Allen is one of the worst head coaches in Las Vegas Raiders history based on his .222 winning percentage as a result of an 8-28 record. He posted two consecutive 4-12 seasons and was let go after starting his third year 0-4.

Tony Sparano

Tony Sparano filled in as the Raiders interim head coach during the 2014 NFL season after Dennis Allen was let go after four games. Sparano won just three of his 12 games in the position.

Jack Del Rio

Jack Del Rio spent three full seasons as the head coach of the Raiders and accumulated a respectable 25-23 record. He helped the Raiders reach the playoffs once, but failed to win a game there.

Jon Gruden

Jon Gruden, like Art Shell, spent two separate stints as the head coach of the Raiders. He made the playoffs twice in four seasons during his first run, but lasted just five games into his fourth year of his second stint due to a situation off the field.

Rich Bisaccia

Rich Bisaccia filled in as interim head coach after Jon Gruden departed early during the 2021 NFL season. Despite going 7-5 in the regular season and appearing in the playoffs, Bisaccia didn't keep the job moving forward.

Josh McDaniels

Josh McDaniels took over as the head coach of the Las Vegas Raiders prior to the start of the 2022 NFL season. He hasn't gotten off to a great start, losing his first two games in the position.

Top 5 head coaches of the Las Vegas Raiders

Las Vegas Raiders head coach Jon Gruden
Las Vegas Raiders head coach Jon Gruden

#5 - Jon Gruden

Years: 1998 - 2001, 2018 - 2021

Record: 62-60

Honors: two playoff wins

Jon Gruden held the Las Vegas Raiders head coaching position for eight different seasons. It was split between two separate runs. He helped the team reach the playoffs three times and earned three postseason victories along the way. He finished his career with a winning record.

#4 - Art Shell

Years: 1989 - 1994, 2005 - 2006

Record: 58 - 55

Honors: two playoff wins, Pro Football Hall of Fame (as a player)

Art Shell helped the Las Vegas Raiders reach the NFL playoffs three times during his first run as the team's head coach. He also earned a victory in two of his three postseason appearances. His second stint in the position severely hurt his career winning percentage, but he still finished with a winning record.

#3 - John Rauch

Years: 1966 - 1968

Record: 35-10-1

Honors: two playoff wins, Super Bowl appearance

John Rauch posted an outstanding 35-10-1 overall record as the Las Vegas Raiders head coach, including earning two playoff victories. Rauch helped the team reach the conference championship game during two consecutive seasons. They won one of them.

#2 - Tom Flores

Years: 1979 - 1987

Record: 91-56

Honors: two Super Bowl rings, eight playoff wins, Pro Football Hall of Fame

Tom Flores was the Las Vegas Raiders head coach for nearly a decade. He is one of the most successful coaches in franchise history as he is the only one who won multiple Super Bowl rings.

#1 - John Madden

Years: 1969 - 1978

Record: 112 - 39 - 7

Honors: one Super Bowl ring, nine playoff wins, Pro Football Hall of Fame

John Madden is one of the greatest winners in NFL history, as demonstrated by his incredible winning percentage. He has won more than 75 percent of his games as the Raiders head coach, the best mark by any coach in NFL history with, at least, 100 career wins. He also has a Super Bowl ring and the most postseason victories in Las Vegas Raiders history.

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