Las Vegas Raiders Super Bowl Wins

The Las Vegas Raiders were originally based in Oakland, California and then shifted to Los Angeles in 1982 before moving back to Oakland in 1995. The team has been based out of Las Vegas since 2020. The Raiders have made it to a total of five Super Bowls and won three of the Super Bowls. The Raiders’ Super Bowl victories were all in the 1970s and 1980s and since then they have not had a winning performance at any Super Bowl. The Raiders were knocked out in the Wild Card round of the 2021-22 playoffs and thus missed out on a chance for a Super Bowl spot.

How many Super Bowls have the Las Vegas Raiders won?

The Raiders have won a total of three Super Bowls in five appearances. Their first Super Bowl win was in 1977 (Super Bowl XI), against the Minnesota Vikings. The Raiders’ second Super Bowl win was at the Super Bowl XV in 1981, where they faced the Philadelphia Eagles. The third Super Bowl win was the Super Bowl XVIII in 1984, against the Washington Redskins (now the Washington Football Team).

XI: Oakland Raiders 32, Minnesota Vikings 14 (1977)

XV: Los Angeles Raiders 27, Philadelphia Eagles 10 (1981)

XVIII: Los Angeles Raiders 28, Washington Redskins 9 (1984)

When was the last time the Las Vegas Raiders won the Super Bowl?

The Raiders have been facing one of the longest Super Bowl droughts and they last won the Vince Lombardi trophy in 1984. It was Super Bowl XVIII and they faced the Washington Redskins. The Redskins were defeated in a blowout, with the final score being 28-9. Raiders linebacker Marcus Allen was named the Super Bowl MVP.

Las Vegas Raiders Super Bowl wins years: What years did the Raiders go to the Super Bowl?

The Raiders have made it to five Super Bowls. They won three out of those five Super Bowls. Here is a list of their Super Bowl wins:

YearSuper BowlOpponentScore
1977XIMinnesota Vikings32-14
1981XVPhiladelphia Eagles27-10
1984XVIIIWashington Redskins28-9

Las Vegas Raiders Super Bowl appearances: How many Super Bowl appearances do the Raiders have?

The Raiders have made it to five Super Bowls which include the Super Bowl II. Here are the Super Bowl appearances by the Raiders:

II: Raiders 14, Packers 33 (1968)

XI: Raiders 32, Vikings 14 (1977)

XV: Raiders 27, Eagles 10 (1981)

XVIII: Raiders 28, Washington 9 (1984)

XXXVII: Raiders 21, Buccaneers 48 (2003)

What teams did Las Vegas Raiders win the Super Bowl against?

The Raiders have won three Super Bowl games. They have won the matches against the following teams:

XI: Oakland Raiders vs. Minnesota Vikings (1977)

XV: Los Angeles Raiders vs. Philadelphia Eagles (1981)

XVIII: Los Angeles Raiders vs. Washington Redskins (1984)

What teams did Las Vegas Raiders lose the Super Bowl against?

The Raiders have lost two out of their five Super Bowl appearances. They have lost the matches against:

II: Oakland Raiders vs. Green Bay Packers (1968)

XXXVII: Las Vegas Raiders vs. Tampa Bay Buccaneers (2003)

Las Vegas Raiders Super Bowl Rings

The Raiders have won 3 Super Bowl Rings.

Year of Winning Super Bowl RingSuper Bowl