Former Raiders HC Jon Gruden's past comments about Derek Carr shed some light on failed Tom Brady deal

A Las Vegas Raiders fan carries a photo of Tom Brady outside Allegiant Stadium
A Las Vegas Raiders fan carries a photo of Tom Brady outside Allegiant Stadium

News of Tom Brady almost joining the Las Vegas Raiders has taken the NFL world by storm. UFC President Dana White revealed on the GronkCast that he almost orchestrated a move to bring the quarterback and Rob Gronkowski to Las Vegas.

The deal was almost set in stone. White convinced Brady to join the AFC West side back in 2020 and the quarterback was set to bring his old friend, Gronkowski, along with him. But in the end, it fell through due to former Raiders head coach Jon Gruden backing out at the last minute.

Dana White says Brady and Gronk ➡️ Raiders "was almost a done deal." 😳 #UFC278

It's hard to understand why anyone would pass up on the chance to sign the veteran quarterback. Perhaps age? But Gruden's past comments shed some light on his decision-making:

"We love our quarterback. Our quarterback is a really good player, Derek Carr. I want to reiterate that, to everyone in Vegas, we've got a good young quarterback, and the film, the statistics and analytics prove it."
This was Jon Gruden in March of 2020 explaining why they didn’t want Tom Brady:…

White continued to mention how the seven-time Super Bowl winner was not happy with the deal falling through:

"All hell broke loose, man. It was crazy. He was already looking at houses and it wasn't being said yet that Gronk was coming. Gruden blew the deal up... (Brady) was not happy."

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Was Derek Carr the "motherf*****" Tom Brady referred to before?

Remember when Tom Brady got NFL fans buzzing with speculation regarding something he said on a podcast? Oh wait, that seems to be a weekly occurrence at this point.

But this time in particular, we're referring to when the quarterback called out another NFL quarterback. While appearing on an episode of The Shop soon after winning Super Bowl LV, the NFL's winningest shot-caller talked about how he felt snubbed by a team that was interested in signing him before joining the Buccaneers.

Tom Brady was talking about the Raiders all along, wow.

Apparently, the deal was close and both parties had agreed to terms. But in the end, the deal fell through, mainly because the team already had Derek Carr at its disposal:

"All of a sudden they weren't interested in the very end. I was like, you're sticking with that motherf***er?"

With the Bucs shot-caller not revealing any names, White's latest admission now makes a whole lot of sense. While fans earlier speculated the nameless quarterback being Jimmy Garoppolo, all signs now point to the "motherf****" being none other than Derek Carr.

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