LeBron James reacts to the Las Vegas Raiders Twitter post about George Floyd

Oakland Raiders v Indianapolis Colts
Oakland Raiders v Indianapolis Colts
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The Las Vegas Raiders posted a Tweet in support of the justice passed yesterday on the George Floyd situation. It has been a long process but on Tuesday it all came to rest. Derek Chauvin was convicted of all three counts on which he was charged with the death of George Floyd.

Although the verdict is a win for the Floyd family, it still doesn't bring back the loved one that they lost. Las Vegas Raiders owner Mark Davis is responsible for a controversial Twitter post that has caused a huge reaction. Let's take a look at what the Twitter post is and how one NBA All-Star reacted to it.

LeBron James isn't happy about the Twitter post from the Las Vegas Raiders

New York Giants v Dallas Cowboys
New York Giants v Dallas Cowboys

LeBron James may be the most outspoken professional athlete after Colin Kaepernick. James doesn't hold his tongue when it comes to social injustice and the problems that are happening in this world. Unsurprisingly, LeBron James spoke his mind about a recent post by the Las Vegas Raiders.

LeBron's post on Twitter has brought a lot of unwanted attention to the Raiders and owner Mark Davis. Davis' Twitter post wasn't meant to hurt anyone or disrespect anyone. After the verdict was announced, George Floyd's brother Philonise himself said, "Today, we are able to breathe again."

Mark Davis felt that the statement from Philonise was a powerful message. Davis went on to say this about his Twitter post.

"Today was a day where I can breathe, and we can all breathe again because justice was served. But we have a lot of work to do still on social justice and police brutality."

Mark Davis went on to say this about the Twitter post made by the Las Vegas Raiders:

"That's my tweet. That was me. I don't want anyone in the organization taking heat. I take full responsibility for that."

Mark Davis has also said that the Twitter post will not be deleted by the Las Vegas Raiders. The Twitter post was only up for an hour before fans and others started to react to the post. As of April 21st, the Twitter post has received 7,469 retweets, 67.1k quote tweets, and 42.7k likes.

Those numbers are growing by the second. It'll be interesting to see if the Raiders keep the post up on their social media accounts. There's always a chance of Twitter removing the post, but that will depend on how far the backlash goes.

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