Madden 24 slide: Full breakdown of how to perform slide in the game's latest edition

Madden 24 slide: Full breakdown of how to perform slide in the game
Madden 24 slide: Full breakdown of how to perform slide in the game's latest edition

Madden 24 is out, and the latest iteration of the NFL's official video game is the most realistic ever. Madden NFL 24 makes you feel like you're on the Gridiron making plays rather than on your couch controlling players. One of the most natural aspects of the game is the quarterback slide, and in this article, we will show you how to perform the slide.

So, to perform the quarterback slide in Madden NFL 24, you only need to thump the X button on Xbox or the Square button on PlayStation once, and the character carrying the ball will slide. Kindly note that if you see the path ahead is blocked but you want to gain as many yards as possible, you can use Sliding. Furthermore, if you hold down the same button, you can perform a dive.


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When can I slide in Madden 24?

In Madden 24, you can slide with your quarterback if and only when your offensive playbook has the option for the QB to run on its own. So, once your shot caller gets the ball, you must use your left stick to guide him in your desired direction. You can slide once the quarterback gets on a run with the football.

Furthermore, remember that on playbooks where quarterbacks are supposed to pass to the other players, there will only be an option to pass the ball if the playbook allows you to run with your quarterback. That's the main reason why in pass-centric offensive playbooks, you cannot slide, and the slide button will intervene with one of the receivers.


Why can't my quarterback slide in Madden 24?

In some cases, no matter what you do, your quarterback can't perform a slide on Madden NFL 24. It's probably not your fault but a result of the quarterback's core attributes.

Quarterbacks must have at least 75 Awareness to perform a slide in Madden. Hence, if your shot caller can't slide, they're not good enough to do it.

As such, rather than sliding, the QB will instead perform a dive. Kindly note that while a dive is similar to a slide, it leaves the player more vulnerable to contact and a potential fumble. So, we implore that when you can, choose substance over style and go for the slide rather than the dive.

Top Three Quarterbacks with Awareness in Madden 24

To perform a slide on Madden 24, your QB needs at least 75 awareness. Here are the top three shot callers in the awareness category:

  1. Patrick Mahomes, Kansas City Chiefs - 98 Awareness
  2. Joe Burrow, Cincinnati Bengals - 97 Awareness
  3. Lamar Jackson, Baltimore Ravens - 92 Awareness

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