3x Super Bowl champ blames Cowboys’ 28-year Super Bowl drought on Jerry Jones: “When it becomes nut-cutting time, the organization falls apart”

Dallas Cowboys v New York Giants
Jerry Jones gets blamed for Cowboys drought

Jerry Jones found immediate success after purchasing the Dallas Cowboys in 1989, winning three Super Bowl rings in his first decade as an owner. In his 28 years in the same position since then, he has not been able to find his way to another one. The Cowboys haven't even been back to a conference championship game in 28 years.

Former three-time Super Bowl champion and NFL analyst Mark Schlereth recently discussed the Cowboys' infamous drought during an episode of his Stinkin' Truth podcast. He outlined what he believes to be the biggest issue in their failed pursuit of winning another ring.

"My issue with the Cowboys is that I think it's a lot more about organizational structure than I do about the quarterback that you've got playing," Schlereth said. "I think that you ultimately never empower people. Therefore, when it becomes nut-cutting time, the organization falls apart."
"This is why I think the Cowboys, under Jerry Jones, they're just not going to win, bcause you create an organization of finger-pointers. You create an organization of guys that don't take responsibility."

Mark Schlereth is referring to Jerry Jones holding several positions, including general manager and president. He is the only NFL owner to hold all of these responsibilities, as organizations generally have different people in charge in a collaborative effort to achieve their goals.

Jones' unique approach to running his Cowboys is why Schlereth believes that Dallas isn't going to end their Super Bowl drought any time soon. He admitted that he doesn't blame Dak Prescott or the team itself, but rather the ownership style and a flawed organizational philosophy.

Jerry Jones' playoff record during Cowboys' Super Bowl drought

Jerry Jones
Jerry Jones

The Dallas Cowboys became one of the greatest dynasties in NFL history during the 1990s, shortly after Jerry Jones purchased the franchise. They won three Super Bowl rings during that time, with the most recent one following the 1995 NFL season.

This is where the Super Bowl drought begins, including an awful playoff record over the past three decades. They have accumulated an alarming 5-13 postseason record since winning their last ring, including an even worse 0-7 record in the Divisional Round.

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