NFL Trade Rumors: 49ers 'move forward' with Brandon Aiyuk and Deebo Samuel despite WR picks at NFL Draft 2024

NFL: San Francisco 49ers at Pittsburgh Steelers
49ers' WR duo Deebo Samuel and Brandon Aiyuk seek lucrative new deals

The San Francisco 49ers reportedly received offers for wide receivers Deebo Samuel and Brandon Aiyuk before the NFL Draft 2024. The main event in Detroit saw the 49ers pick two new wideouts Ricky Pearsall and Jacob Cowing, and yet, there was no real movement on a rumored trade for Samuel or Aiyuk.

Notably, another wide receiver Juaun Jennings, an unrestricted free agent in 2025, remained on the roster despite rumors about a possible trade on Day 3 of the Draft in Detroit. The 49ers will face an uphill battle to keep the WR trio in 2025, owing to the team’s cap situation.

Earlier on Monday, ESPN Insider Adam Schefter addressed the 49ers’ plan for the future amid discussions about moving on from at least one wide receiver this year.

“I think what happened is, at various points during the offseason, they had inquires about Brandon Aiyuk and decided they wanted to try and sign him to a long-term contract that they’re still trying to get done. They got a couple of inquires on Deebo, but nothing got close to being done. And they said over the weekend, and I believe this is the plan right now is to move forward with both those guys,” Schefter said on The Pat McAfee show.

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NFL Rumors: 49ers still talking to Brandon Aiyuk on possible contract extension

According to multiple reports, the 49ers plan to work out a long-term contract extension for Aiyuk. Samuel and Jennings are slated to discuss the next steps beyond the 2025 NFL season following the franchise’s proactive pursuit of new wide receivers at the NFL Draft.

The 49ers got Pearsall in Round 1 and that move did raise questions about the team’s strategy knowing they are yet to figure out the uncertainty around Samuel and Aiyuk’s respective deals.

So, what do the 49ers do now? Schefter lays out the possibilities.

"Ricky Pearsall, the funny thing is he wanted to go to San Francisco. That was the place he mentioned before the draft to a few people, that he wanted to go to. He winds up there, in a perfect spot. And now, the Niners don’t plan on moving on from those guys."
"Now, could that change at some point? Sure. Absolutely. And by the way, if there’s a team all of a sudden that has a wide receiver injury and makes a big play, could you pry loose one of these guys? It’s not what they would like to do. It’s not what they’re planning to do. It’s not what they want to do. But clearly we know, there are some wide receiver questions out in San Francisco," he added.

Moving on from Samuel could be the 49ers' likely move as star running back Christian McCaffery brings a similar dual-threat ability to the team.

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