Aaron Rodgers blames Packers for Davante Adams' exit by offering significantly less money than Christian Kirk

Aaron Rodgers blames Packers front office for Davante Adams
Aaron Rodgers blames Packers front office for Davante Adams' exit

When Davante Adams was traded by the Green Bay Packers, many blamed Aaron Rodgers for the receiver's exit. People assumed that Rodgers' uncertain future with the Packers forced Adams to consider his future and join the Las Vegas Raiders.

During a recent discussion, the ex-Green Bay Packers quarterback openly addressed what led to the star receiver getting traded. Rodgers placed the entire blame for Adams' potential departure on the franchise's front office.

According to Rodgers, the Packers offered Adams a contract with less money than what Christian Kirk received, which infuriated Adams.

Here's what Rodgers said (as per the Athletic):

“They offered him less money than Christian Kirk and (Adams) is going, ‘Are you serious right now? I’m the best receiver in the league, and you’re gonna offer me less than Christian Kirk?” Rodgers said. “With all due respect, he’s not on Davante’s level.
“I’m sure that the team will say that’s just the business of negotiation — it’s like, yeah, but you’re also sending a message to that guy, and a lot of times it can stick with guys and make them a little sour on things. That goes back to the first offer that they made, and I don’t think (the Packers) had the foresight — obviously didn’t have the foresight.”

After getting traded to the Las Vegas Raiders, Davante Adams signed a five-year $140 million contract extension, which was way more than Green Bay Packers' initial offer.

This wasn't the first domino to fall in Green Bay, as Aaron Rodgers' exit was foreseeable for a long time. Packers' failure to respect their two-star players has now resulted in the departure of both.

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