Aaron Rodgers' buddy Pat McAfee calls out NFL Commissioner Roger Goodell: "Stop being scared"

Pat McAfee, left, Roger Goodell, right
Pat McAfee, left, Roger Goodell, right

Former NFL punter Pat McAfee, who played for the Indianapolis Colts from 2009-2016, has a very successful post-NFL career.

Following his NFL career, McAfee became a football analyst and appeared on many shows. He eventually started The Pat McAfee Show, which blew up and landed him an eight-figure deal with ESPN.

The Pat McAfee Show has garnered attention, and many have become fans of the show. McAfee has had many guest celebrities and sports athletes on the show. He even gets Aaron Rodgers on the show every Tuesday. During his latest episode, this is what McAfee announced:

"I don't know if we're allowed to announce it, but Adam Silver is coming on the show next week. He's coming on next week. I don't think we're supposed to say that, but I'm just going to say it."
"Adam Silver is coming on the show. Once again, stop being scared, Roger Goodell. So Rog, doors open."

Pat McAfee has said in the past that he wants to interview Roger Goodell and talk about a variety of topics

Pat McAfee during Super Bowl LVII - Previews
Pat McAfee during Super Bowl LVII - Previews

Earlier this year, Pat McAfee appeared on the SI Media Podcast. He told Sports Illustrated's Jimmy Traina that he wants to sit down with and interview Roger Goodell.

McAfee is intrigued to understand more about Goodell's relationships with owners in the league.

“So I’ve have questions, obviously, about some of the decisions that he has made that I feel we’re terrible," said McAfee. "But I also have a lot of questions about how did we get to all these spots? What’s next?"
"Was there any drawback from any owner on any decision that you’ve made that have ended up working out? And did you dunk on their face in the one-per-club meetings? All that type of stuff, I’m very intrigued by.”
“Because he’s the guy who has been guiding through the most treacherous times, but also most profitable times. So that’s certainly a human I would enjoy kind of having a conversation with, and I think it’ll happen someday."

It's been quite some time since McAfee has wanted to interview Goodell. Maybe Goodell will appear on the show in the off-season. Until then, it is unknown if the commissioner will ever join McAfee for a sit-down.

If you use any of the above quotes, please credit Pat McAfee, the Pat McAfee Show and H/T Sportskeeda.

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Edited by Abhimanyu Gupta
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