Aaron Rodgers going through midlife crisis? NFL fans trash Packers QB’s quarantine haircut 

New England Patriots v Green Bay Packers
Green Bay Packers QB Aaron Rodgers runs off the field after an overtime win against the New England Patriots.

Green Bay Packers quarterback Aaron Rodgers continues to surprise NFL fans with his unique lifestyle choices. Whether it's the clothes that he wears or his holistic approach to wellness, there is always something that makes headlines. This time around, however, it was his unusual haircut.

The 38-year-old initially arrived at the Green Bay Packers training camp this summer with a longer hairstyle. In the last few weeks, it seems he has shaved the sides of his head. When he is wearing a hat or a helmet, it looks like he has shaved his whole head.


But on Sunday afternoon in a close game against the New England Patriots, Rodgers' hair was front and center for all to see. The quarterback's hair is, indeed, longer on top with enough to tuck behind each ear. It's not necessarily the most popular hairstyle, if one is following the current fashion trends.

NFL fans took to Twitter to share their opinions about the odd hairstyle. With many comparing it to a midlife crisis or even a prank done by one of his teammates. As the opinions rolled on, it seemed as if more fans were preoccupied with the bad hairstyle and couldn't take their minds off what they had just seen.

My man’s going through a mid life crisis…
Saw someone say Aaron Rodgers' hair looks like a Rockhopper penguin and I cannot unsee
You maybe having a bad hair day. But you are not having ⬇️ Aaron Rodgers “I passed out last night and my teammates shaved my head” bad hair day
aaron rodgers’ hair
I don’t know what’s more annoying — Patriot’s fans, Belichick’s tantrums, or those two little strands of hair behind Aaron Rodgers ears.
Aaron Rodgers’ hair has a real “guy you saw at a concert in 1998” vibe to it.
Maybe I missed it but I still haven't gotten an answer to the big question of the day: What is the deal with Aaron Rodgers' hair?
I’m sorry but Aaron Rodgers looks like a seal with that hair poking out
Aaron Rodgers is on those psychedelics, right? Because that's the only thing that makes his hair make sense. Like, what is that? What was he going for?
Aaron Rodgers hair out the side of his hat

Despite 3-1 record, Aaron Rodgers still isn't pleased with Packers play

The Green Bay Packers are 3-1 on the season after surviving a last-minute overtime loss to the New England Patriots on Sunday afternoon. After the win, however, the reigning NFL MVP expressed his displeasure in the way his team is currently playing. He even said that their winning ways can't continue throughout the season.

"This way of winning, I don't think, is sustainable because it puts too much pressure on our defense. And obviously, I've got to play better and will play better."
Aaron Rodgers: This way of winning not 'sustainable' #NFL #Packers

Aaron Rodgers continued by saying that his performance in the first half was not what he expected of himself. His passer rating was just 11% with just four completed passes. That passer rating was the lowest he has had in any half of his entire NFL career.

"I settled in and usually don't have two terrible halves. So I kind of returned to the form I expect from myself, and we started moving the football."

While the defense was stretched thin in the first half, Rodgers and the Packers offense looked more like themselves in the second half, scoring on three straight drives.

Even after the game went into overtime, the Packers offense was able to get into field goal range, setting up for a Mason Crosby 31-yard field goal.

The Packers will now head across the pond to face the red-hot New York Giants on Sunday morning.

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