Turns out, Antonio Brown's outrageous tweet comparing himself to Jesus and Beatles is fake

Antonio Brown prior to Super Bowl LV
Antonio Brown prior to Super Bowl LV

Antonio Brown may no longer be gracing the fields of the NFL, but he has an uncanny ability to stay in the limelight. He recently tweeted a post where he seemed to claim and compare himself to Jesus and the Beatles.

Now, there are two things that instantly caught everyone's attention. One was that it was tweeted by Antonio Brown himself, signing off "sincerely AB". Secondly, the most outlandish claims, like Jesus performing in Red Rocks, seemed only possible to come from someone like him.

But as it turns out, the tweet was fake. It was created on Instagram but is not really quote attributable to him.

How did Antonio Brown end up in this situation?

To refresh your memory, he threw a fit when the Tampa Bay Buccaneers were playing the New York Jets last season. In a pique, he left the field during the match, taking off his jersey and vanishing down the touchline. It was the latest in a line of baffling behavior we have come to associate him with.


Some of these incidents are referenced in the original fake quote, though they are exaggerated. For instance, his getting frostbite when forgetting to wear a boot during a cryotherapy session. The quote also referenced the aforementioned incident from the Jets game.

Nonetheless, such small matters pale in comparison to his attitude, which is demonstrated by how he threw out furniture from the 14th floor of a building, nearly injuring a minor below. Other allegations and settlements relate to sexual harassment, burglary, battery, and more.

But what the fake tweet alluded to was his mammoth sense of ego, with which, despite his myriad controversies, he never seems far from the next one. Perhaps that's what he reinforced when he tweeted a meme with a fake quote attributed to him.


Ultimately, once the NFL starts and he is on the outside looking in, he will probably fade from the headlines.

He had a sad demise, coming from being a Super Bowl winner and putting up an impressive on-field performance over the years.

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Edited by Nicolaas Ackermann
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