Bears fans have mixed reactions over 2024 Hard Knocks feature - "Future MVP," "I do like a good comedy"

Chicago Bears Rookie Minicamp
Chicago Bears fans, get ready for Hard Knocks

The Chicago Bears were selected as the team to feature in HBO's popular show "Hard Knocks" during the 2024 offseason. "Hard Knocks" is one of the most important shows about the NFL, as it gives fans a sneak peek inside organizations that fans can't always have in the league.

Reactions were mixed with the Bears featuring in the show. It will be the first time since 2018 that the team with the No. 1 overall pick will be on the show, after Caleb Williams joined the franchise to change their fortunes following an awful run at the quarterback position.

Plenty of NFL fans were interested to see the Bears, one of the teams with the biggest expectations in 2024, selected as the "Hard Knocks" team for the upcoming season, while others laughed at Chicago's attempt to regain relevance:

"First time Hard Knocks will be labeled as a comedy rather than a documentary", said a fan.
"Wonder if they'll get the new owner Jordan Love on", another fan joked.
"I'm watching. Chicago has that ''it'' factor", wrote one fan.
"Wow that’s surprising. Hard Knocks and only 8 home games, George McCaskey must be pissed right now", noted one fan.

There was even time for NFL fans to joke about Williams' nails:

"Can’t wait to get the inside scoop on Caleb’s nail paintings", said one fan.
"Need the “what color will Caleb’s nails be painted on ep 1” prop", joked another.

Who is Caleb Williams? New Bears quarterback is under huge expectations

Since Caleb Williams was announced as the No. 1 pick in the 2024 NFL draft, the Chicago Bears officially have the player who's supposed to change the fortunes of the franchise due to his quality, which they've lacked in Justin Fields and every other quarterback that has started for Chicago in recent years.

His development will be under massive scrutiny, and he's the quarterback with perhaps the biggest potential in the history of the franchise. With Jordan Love taking over the Green Bay Packers and already leading them to a playoff win, Chicago fans will want to see Williams doing the same, if not better.

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