Bills' Jordan Phillips fires back at Jason Kelce’s accusation of ‘dirty play’ in tush push debate

Jordan Phillips is responding to Jason Kelce
Jordan Phillips is responding to Jason Kelce's accusations about his actions.

Philadelphia Eagles center Jason Kelce is part of the success of the team's infamous 'tush push.' The NFL said although it will review the play during the offseason, it isn't against banning it. Meanwhile, Philadelphia will continue using this to its advantage.

Recently, Kelce stated that during the Eagles matchup with the Buffalo Bills, defensive tackle Jordan Phillips purposely tried to injure others. Phillips responded by taking a dig at Kelce.

"He is a well-respected guy around the league for whatever reason," said Philips. "Now, he suddenly has a voice because he is on his brother’s podcast and what not, so he thinks he can use it. But the way he uses his voice, it doesn’t make any sense... You look at the tush push; he dives at somebody’s knees every play and tries to roll them up."
"So for him to speak on somebody being dirty, I don’t think he has any right or any means to call for a fine when he does a whole bunch of stuff. I just think that’s kind of crazy for him to even mention that. I’m 335 pounds — How am I going to stop regardless?"
"How do I know the ball wasn’t going? Even if they would have got that play off, it is either them hitting us or us hitting them. You can dish it out, obviously, but can’t take it? That is just soft."

What did Jason Kelce say about Jordan Phillips?

During a recent appearance on the 94WIP Morning Show, Jason Kelce spoke about the Eagles' game against the Bills.

Amid the discussion, he mentioned approaching an NFL official to complain about Jordan Phillips.

“He purposely tried to hurt Cam Jurgens, and I thought it should have been a personal foul … and I think he should be fined for that play. I thought that play in particular was absolutely a disgrace that the NFL should not allow. I really do."
“I don’t know Jordan Phillips. He might be the best guy in the world, but in my opinion, the NFL needs to drop something about that because that shouldn’t be allowed in this game at this level. I thought the officials did not do a good job at officiating that play.”

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