"Not a lot of great play calls" - Tom Brady critical of Cowboys' decision-making during playoff loss to 49ers 

Dallas Cowboys v Tampa Bay Buccaneers
Dallas Cowboys v Tampa Bay Buccaneers

Tampa Bay Buccaneers quarterback Tom Brady discussed the matchup between the San Francisco 49ers and the Dallas Cowboys in the Wild Card round. On the Let’s Go! podcast, he talked about the final drive of the game for the Cowboys.

The Buccaneers' No. 12 said he thought Dallas had no chance to progress down the field with 35 seconds left in the game:

"Dallas got the ball back. And I thought they had zero chance to get the ball down the field because they had to go 80 yards in 35 seconds, and then Kellen Moore called a great hook and lateral, they call another play to get them another easy 11 yards out of bounds.
"So, before you know it, there was, I don't know, 15 seconds, 16 seconds left or 20 seconds. And they were at the 50-yard line. And they got down to the 40-yard line. And then they call the quarterback draw, which obviously comes with some risks, and ended up costing them because they just couldn't get the ball off in time.
"So again, it's a desperate situation, there's not a lot of great play calls at that time.”

Brady concluded his statement about the final play of the game and the valiant effort by the Cowboys by saying that it was a "tough way to end a game" for Dallas:

“You're kind of in the moment, you don't have all the time in the world to think of these things. They were one second away from having a chance to throw for the end zone from the 23-yard line, which I'm sure every player on that Dallas team and every fan in the stands would have loved that opportunity from the 23- or 24-yard line with one second left, but they just didn't get off in time.
"It's just a tough way to end the game for them. But I give them a lot of credit for getting the ball down the field in that short period of time."

Dallas lost the game at home to San Francisco by a score of 23-17. However, TB12 played in the Wild Card round as his Buccaneers hosted the Philadelphia Eagles.

How did Tom Brady fare in the Wild Card round?

Tampa Bay Buccaneers v Philadelphia Eagles
Tampa Bay Buccaneers v Philadelphia Eagles

Against the Philadelphia Eagles, Brady and Tampa Bay won by a score of 31-15 as the 15-time Pro Bowler went 29 of 37 for 271 yards and two touchdowns.

The Buccaneers will host the Los Angeles Rams in the Divisional Round this upcoming weekend. The two teams last faced off in Week 3 this season in Los Angeles as the Rams won the game by a score of 34-24.

For the rematch, the 44-year-old quarterback will be without his Pro Bowl wide receiver Chris Godwin, who is out for the remainder of the playoffs with a torn ACL. Will Brady and Tampa Bay get past the Rams on their quest to defend their Super Bowl title? Will the great quarterback play in his 11th Super Bowl?

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