Brandon McManus sexual assault lawsuit: Lead attorney for alleged victims draws striking parallels with Deshaun Watson case

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Brandon McManus sexual assault lawsuit: Lead attorney for alleged victims draws striking parallels with Deshaun Watson case

Brandon McManus has been accused of sexual assault. This is similar to Deshaun Watson's case in that simple fact, but the lawyer for the alleged victims has drawn another parallel to that case. Tony Buzbee, who worked with Watson's alleged victims, is taking on this case as well.

Buzbee took to Instagram to confirm that his firm is taking the role of lead counsel for the two alleged victims. He said:

"We filed the case on Friday, but before that filing we attempted, without success, to resolve this matter without the need for litigation. Our efforts at resolution were met with arrogance, ignorance and stupidity, strikingly similar to how Deshaun Watson’s team responded when we tried to resolve those cases pre-filing."

Buzbee is intimately familiar with the Watson case, and he remarked on the similarities of the pre-filing proceedings. He went on to note that allegations of this nature are very serious and that they vetted all witnesses before taking any cases:

"We will pursue this case with the same tenacity we are known for. It’s a shame that this type of conduct still occurs. It happens far too often. These women were simply trying to do their jobs!"

The two women were working as flight attendants on the Jacksonville Jaguars’ flight to London in September 2023. They were flying to face the Atlanta Falcons in one of NFL's International Series games.

According to the lawsuit, McManus and other players disregarded federal laws and the kicker allegedly tried to get other flight attendants involved. The lawsuit alleges that he gave $100 bills and asked them to drink and dance for him.

The first alleged victim claimed that McManus touched and "grinded" her without her consent and even tried to kiss her during some turbulence. The second alleged victim claimed that McManus grinded up against her when she was doing the meal service. Per the report, McManus smirked when confronted about this.

Brandon McManus denies alleged assault

Two women have come forth to accuse former Jacksonville Jaguars kicker Brandon McManus of sexual assault. He has vehemently denied the allegations, according to a statement he made through his attorney on Monday.

Brandon McManus denied the allegations
Brandon McManus denied the allegations

He said:

“To be clear, these are absolutely fictitious and demonstrably false allegations made as part of a campaign to defame and disparage a talented and well-respected NFL player. We intend to aggressively defend Brandon’s rights and integrity and clear his name by showing what these claims truly are – an extortion attempt.”

The two women also included the Jaguars as a team in their lawsuit for failing to create a safe environment. They said they experienced “severe mental anguish, anxiety, psychological and emotional distress, embarrassment and humiliation.”

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