"Bro is stuck in high school" - NFL fans roast Jackson Mahomes on latest TikTok post 

Jackson Mahomes gets roasted on latest TikTok post | Image Credit: Jackson Mahomes/TikTok and Instagram
Jackson Mahomes gets roasted on latest TikTok post | Image Credit: Jackson Mahomes/TikTok and Instagram
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Kansas City Chiefs superstar Patrick Mahomes' brother, Jackson Mahomes, has become an infamous figure in the NFL community. The social media star often receives negative comments on his online posts, which continues to be the case, as evidenced by the replies on the latest video he posted on his TikTok account.

Mahomes posted a dance video promoting the Breakaway Music Festival that is set to take place in Kansas City, home of his brother's team, on August 5th and 6th. Watch the video below:

The replies section was filled with negative comments, as is the case in most of Mahomes' posts. One fan named Evan Dudley wrote:

"Bro is stuck in high school"

Another commenter named Hannah Barnes critiqued his outfit:

"My sister wears the same shorts"

One fan named Zachary, who had a Tom Brady profile picture, left a rude reply, suggesting that Patrick Mahomes is paying his brother's rent:

"I would bet money his brother pays rent on that view he's trying to flex"

One Kansas City Chiefs fan named Billy vented his frustration in the replies, saying:

"I'm trying to defend you my guy.... I'm really trying"

Another fan named Adneeezy suggested that Mahomes should skip the team's home games:

"Don't come to Arrowhead please"

One fan named Audrina Linton said that the Mahomes family probably aren't big fans of Jackson's online shenanigans:

"The amount of embarrassment the Mahomes family endures every time he posts is sad"

Another commenter named C_jones0730 is keen to see Mahomes link up with his brother's teammate Juju Smith-Schuster for a TikTok collaboration:

"Can't wait to see the Juju Jackson Mahomes tiktok duo"

The video has garnered over 250 responses and has roughly an even number of positive and negative replies.

Why do NFL fans hate Jackson Mahomes?

Mahomes first caught the ire of NFL fans for filming a TikTok video on the late Sean Taylor's logo during the Chiefs' trip to Washington to take on the Commanders.


He was later filmed spraying water on Baltimore Ravens fans, who were teasing him after Lamar Jackson and co. beat the Chiefs in the second game of the 2021 NFL season.

Jackson Mahomes helps a rowdy Ravens fan hydrate after a crushing Chiefs loss (via ig: Bobbysworld88)

Jackson has been accused of trying to use his brother's name to further his career as a social media star. The Chiefs quarterback and his wife, Brittany Matthews, have defended Jackson, but that hasn't eased the online vitriol towards the young TikToker.

He also landed on the list of the most hated NFL personalities of 2021, which is surprising considering he is not a player, coach, team owner, or league official.

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