"I'd say bye-bye to Pete Carroll if needed" - NFL analyst feels Seahawks must do everything to keep Russell Wilson happy

Seattle Seahawks HC Pete Carroll and QB Russell Wilson
Seattle Seahawks HC Pete Carroll and QB Russell Wilson

With the Pro Bowl in the rear-view mirror, Russell Wilson has played his final game of 2021. Wilson's next game will be in August as the preseason kicks off. Will he be wearing the same jersey?

After a 7-10 season, the Seahawks could be looking at making a big change. They could either move on from head coach and executive vice president Pete Carroll or attempt to start over at quarterback.

NFL analyst Chris Broussard of First Things First was firm about the piece that needs to go. Put simply, he thinks it is time for Pete Carroll to move on.

"I'm on the record in saying Seattle should not trade Russell Wilson," Broussard said. "I just don't think you trade a Hall of Fame quarterback who's smack dab in the middle of his prime. If he has a problem with the coach and they can't get along, bye bye Pete Carroll if needed, but I'm keeping Russell Wilson"

Should the Seahawks trade Russell Wilson?

Russell Winsol (No. 3) at the NFL Pro Bowl
Russell Winsol (No. 3) at the NFL Pro Bowl

Who between the head coach and the quarterback should leave the team? The question taps into a topic that has served as one of the biggest questions in the sport. Which is more important to a team's success: head coach or quarterback? The answer to the question informs the decision to be made in Seattle. Can Pete Carroll mentor another "Russell Wilson," or was it the quarterback who made Carroll's career?


The conversation is quite similar to whether Tom Brady or Bill Belichick was the more important part of the Patriots' two decades of dominance in the AFC. Does the head coach make the quarterback or does the quarterback make the head coach?

Chris Broussard's opinion on the subject can be inferred from where he landed on the question of keeping the head coach or the quarterback. He thinks that the quarterback makes the head coach, and to keep the former happy and productive is a necessity to winning in the NFL.

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In the end, for all of the analysis and noise made about the other 21 starters on the field, the team's quarterback determines their season. If a team doesn't have a top quarterback, they will have a hard ceiling. Of course, there are rare exceptions, but one should not be attempting to take the path with fewer results.

In other words, teams should not try to outsmart what works in the NFL, which is landing a great quarterback. That said, it is easier said than done and there are teams that have spent decades looking for that special player. Knowing that, it makes a lot more sense to pull any trigger that can lead the team to keeping their star quarterback as long as he is viable.

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