“David Tepper, you got caught bro” - Cam Newton condemns Panthers owner's temper tantrum of throwing drinks at fans

Cam Newton reacts to David Tepper
“David Tepper, you caught bro”; Can Newton condemns Panthers owner throwing drinks at fans in fury

Cam Newton took on his best presidential persona to say that David Tepper's misguided action of throwing his drink on fans down below would not have happened had been been there.

The Panthers lost 26-0 to the Jacksonville Jaguars last week. Not only was it a blowout, it confirmed that they are the worst team in the league and would have had the first pick of the 2024 NFL Draft had it not been traded away to the Chicago Bears to acquire Bryce Young.

The situation is grim in Carolina, but that's no excuse for David Tepper to chuck his drinks on unsuspecting supporters below. Cam Newton said that he had a remark to make about the whole situation and began accordingly on his YouTube Channel,

"Fellow Americans, I take the stand here. As humbled as I know how. A couple of weeks ago I have made a remark and I'm standing on it. Stomping on it.
"And if this wasn't a perfect example of Cam Newton's presence in Charlotte, North Carolina, in a Presidential role, I don't know."

He said that if he's given the chance to represent the Carolinas again, as he did so productively in his MVP season with the Panthers, such cause for frustration could be avoided in the future.

It looked like a subtle pitch for a chance to play in the league again. He said:

"If I'm given the opportunity to represent the beautiful states of North and South Carolina, situations like this would not, and I mean will not happen not on my watch. ... This is something that could have been avoided, and it should have been avoided."

Cam Newton was quick to say that David Tepper's actions are inexcusable regardless:

"But the point is: David Tepper, you got caught bro."

Cam Newton does not believe that this is the first time David Tepper has thrown drinks

Cam Newton also said that David Tepper's throwing motion made it look like this is not the first time he has chucked a drink in frustration:

"This is my question. Y'all think that was the first time he ever threw a drink on a motherf--ker?"

Whether or not it was the first time, his actions being caught on camera cost him a fine of $300,000. While it might not be big money for him, it surely would not have improved his mood in what has been a disaster of a season.

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