"Ain't my type of dude" - Channing Crowder reignites beef with Russell Wilson after dig at his marriage with wife Ciara

Russell Wilson and Channing Crowder have beef
Russell Wilson and Channing Crowder have beef

Russell Wilson is one of the most popular athletes in the NFL. He's well-liked across the league by both peers and fans. His leadership and his football skills have impressed many, making him one of the most beloved active players.

But he's not for everyone. Channing Crowder played several seasons as a linebacker in Miami. He is not shy about his disdain for the Denver Broncos quarterback.

Crwoder appeared on the Convos For The Culture podcast with current Broncos cornerback Patrick Surtain II and Surtain's NFL father. Interestingly, the subject of Russell Wilson came up. Surtain II said Wilson was cool and played soothing R&B in the locker room.

That didn't sit right with Crowder:

“It’s an opinion. I know guys I wanna hang with. I don’t wanna hang with Russ because he put mousse in his hair, he slick it sideways, he ain’t my type of dude.”

He went on to say that there are a lot of reasons why he dislikes the quarterback:

“I can just look at a dude from afar and tell. I see how he gets out of the car. He don’t even slam his feet to get out the car. He rolls his heels to get out the car.”
Yeah. Channing Crowder is the new Kevin Samuels. I hate that for him. These toxic dudes really be holding onto their fragility.

This is not the first time Crowder has had beef with Wilson. He's on record calling him things like "square" and "lame" and other insults. The quarterback responded by dropping in at an event for Ciara with flowers. He mentioned being a square in the Instagram caption of the gesture.

How Russell Wilson joined the Denver Broncos

Denver Broncos Training Camp
Denver Broncos Training Camp

The former Wisconsin product spent the first 10 seasons of his NFL career with the Seattle Seahawks, the team that drafted him. He recently landed in Denver after being traded for Noah Fant, Drew Lock, Shelby Harris and a host of picks.

This largely came to fruition because of the quarterback's relationship with the Seahawks' management. He was frustrated with the team and eventually decided he wanted out.


He has also had a weak offensive line and lackluster protection for many seasons in Seattle. This probably helped him make the decision to leave. The Seahawks began entertaining offers for the quarterback a season ago and reportedly turned down a massive haul from the Chicago Bears.

Ultimately, they couldn't do the same for a second year in a row and sent Wilson to Denver.


Denver were eager to trade for the quarterback. They've been searching for the right quarterback since Peyton Manning retired in early 2016. That was just after they won the Super Bowl, which was the last time the Broncos made the playoffs.

We will see if they can end their postseason drought in the upcoming season.

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