"You're an even bigger waste of Khan money than Tim Tebow” - CM Punk takes a savage dig at former NFL QB

CM Punk at Pittsburgh Pirates v Chicago Cubs
CM Punk at Pittsburgh Pirates v Chicago Cubs

Trash talk is integral to wrestling but Tim Tebow would hardly have expected himself to be dragged into it. But such has been the former NFL quarterback's career of late that he has become nothing more than a punchline in the most savage of mic drops.

It all came about when CM Punk was trying to belittle his All Elite Wrestling (AEW) opponent MJF (Maxwell Jacob Friedman). The highest insult he could hurl is by comparing him to Tim Tebow. Judging by the crowd's reaction, it hit quite a sore spot.

How did Tim Tebow get dragged into the fight between AEW performers?

Tim Tebow at the Jacksonville Jaguars Mandatory Minicamp
Tim Tebow at the Jacksonville Jaguars Mandatory Minicamp

A bit of background is necessary to understand why invoking Tim Tebow in his remarks was such a savage putdown by CM Punk. Tim Tebow was signed by the Jacksonville Jaguars this season, but not as a quarterback as is his natural position. Former coach Urban Meyer instead signed him as a tight end. The experiment flamed out spectacularly, as with pretty much everything associated with Meyer, and Tim Tebow was let go from the squad before the season began.

It was a gamble gone wrong by the Jacksonville Jaguars, who are owned by Shad Khan. Among Khan's other portfolios is AEW. Not only is AEW owned by him with son Tony Khan; AEW operates its headquarters at TIAA Bank Field, the home stadium of the Jacksonville Jaguars.

Therefore, all wrestlers and performers contracted to AEW are essentially contractors or employees of Shad Khan, just as Tim Tebow was. CM Punk used his remarks to compare a current employee, MJF, to a former employee who was let go because of his lack of impact.

CM Punk, perhaps unwittingly, also called into question Shad Khan's acumen in handling sports ventures, particularly in the NFL. In addition to the Tim Tebow debacle, he was responsible for hiring Urban Meyer, who became the first coach to be fired this season. He had a golden goose fall into his lap, in the form of Trevor Lawrence, because they were the worst team in the league last season. Instead of being able to build around him, it seems very likely that the Jacksonville Jaguars might just end up with two consecutive first overall draft picks given the way this season has transpired.

Shad Khan will be hoping that in the future, when his own wrestling employees talk trash, they will be able to avoid bringing up other questionable decisions he has taken apart from Tim Tebow, and he will have fixed the issues plaguing the Jaguars organization this offseason.

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