“A linebacker that plays quarterback” - Colin Cowherd gives unique critique of Baker Mayfield

Colin Cowherd believes Baker Mayfield is playing the wrong position
Colin Cowherd believes Baker Mayfield is playing the wrong position

It's well established at this point that Colin Cowherd has little to no respect for the game of Browns quarterback Baker Mayfield. Cowherd has repeatedly criticized the 2017 Heisman for his demeanor.


Initially, the radio host said the 2018 No. 1 pick didn't have the poise to be the leader of an NFL offense. Well, Cowherd has now gone as far as saying Baker Mayfield is playing the wrong position entirely.

During a segment talking about Malik Willis, Cowherd used Mayfield as a negative example of how to evaluate a quarterback's ability to lead in the NFL, while Tom Brady was used as the positive inverse:

“And I said I like Malik Willis. How he is at the podium matters to me. Baker Mayfield is bad at the podium. It has been established Brady's been 23 years perfect at it. It's not what happens on downs, it's that Brady understands the fundamental CEO nature of being a quarterback Baker. I contend Baker's a linebacker that plays quarterback."

Mayfield, as Cowherd sees it, is emotionally unfit for the quarterback position:

He's all emotion on the personality scale. He's an eight as they call it, he's all emotion of very impulsive going to do it. That's not great at the podium. Sometimes you gotta fall on the sword for the team.”

Cowherd's latest Baker Mayfield rant certainly falls in line with his other recent comments on the Browns quarterback:

“I’ve said before: Baker talks too much. He’s often too rambling, very impulsive. The last four years have been filled with snark, disappointment, combativeness. Baker was in a hole, grabbed a shovel and just kept digging. Once again, he talks too much. It wasn’t calculated, it wasn’t prepared.”

Baker Mayfield bit the hand that feeds earlier this month

Deshaun Watson's arrival in Cleveland was so beyond insulting to Mayfield that he went on the Ya Never Know podcast and essentially burnt the bridge to the Dawg Pound:

“I feel disrespected. 100 percent because I was told one thing and they completely did another. That’s what I’m in the middle of right now. I got my taste of it because I’ve had four different head coaches in four years, a bunch of different coordinators."

Now, he must look for another NFL QB job while hearing what seems like weekly cheap shots from Colin Cowherd.

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