Commanders respond to allegations of withholding ticket revenue from NFL

Washington Commanders Introduce Carson Wentz
Washington Commanders Introduce Carson Wentz

The Washington Commanders have not had the smoothest of offseasons. Owner Dan Snyder has been in hot water over allegations of sexual misconduct. Now, there are allegations that the organization withheld ticket revenue from the NFL.

The team has denied the reports that one person told investigators that the team was withholding ticket revenue from the NFL. First reported by Front Office Sports, the U.S. Congress' House Oversight Committee was given information that seemed to indicate that Washington withheld ticket revenue.

According to the NFL, teams must give the league 40 percent of the ticket revenue, which the Commanders allegedly did not. It is then shared to all 32 NFL teams, per the league's revenue-sharing scheme.

A Washington spokesperson has now responded to the allegations. The spokesperson for the Commanders stated:

“There has been absolutely no withholding of ticket revenue at any time by the Commanders. Those revenues are subject to independent audits by multiple parties."
2/2 Anyone who offered testimony suggesting a withholding of revenue has committed perjury, plain and simple.”
"Anyone who offered testimony suggesting a withholding of revenue has committed perjury, plain and simple.”

It is certainly a sticky situation that Washington finds themselves in. After announcing a new team name and logo, the franchise hoped to start a new chapter in its history.

Unfortunately, it is not the best start, with the organization being dragged through some quite shocking alleged revelations.

The Washington Commanders are hoping for a better 2022 season

Washington Introduce Carson Wentz
Washington Introduce Carson Wentz

After missing out on the playoffs due to their 7-10 record, the organization realized it needed a change to its quarterback position. After telling the public that they had spoken to every NFL franchise to enquire about their quarterback's ability, this seemed to show that Washington was serious.

There were rumors of Russell Wilson being courted by the NFC East team before he eventually chose Denver. The team changed their approach and signed Carson Wentz from Indianapolis.

It is hoped that Wentz will be the player who can give the franchise that extra boost at the quarterback position. Taylor Heinicke proved to be a decent enough starting quarterback, but clearly, head coach Ron Rivera wanted more.


With a stout defense, Washington simply needed a quarterback to manage the offense, and they believe that Wentz is that quarterback.

With Dallas still the favorites and Philadelphia continuing to get better, Washington is doing its best not to be left behind in the division.

For all the good publicity that signing Wentz was supposed to bring, it has been overshadowed by the damning allegations currently being leveled at the franchise.

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