NFL pros, former Heisman Trophy winners rejoice as Reggie Bush's 2005 trophy gets reinstated: "Couldn't be happier",

2004 Heisman Trophy Award Ceremony
Former Heisman Trophy winners rejoice as Reggie Bush's 2005 trophy gets reinstated

On the day before the 2024 NFL Draft, big news came out this morning when it was announced that former Heisman Trophy winner and former NFL running back Reggie Bush would be getting his 2005 Heisman Trophy back.

ESPN broke the news saying that the Heisman Trust will formally announce the news on Wednesday after Bush forfeited his trophy in 2010. USC got hit with significant NCAA sanctions when Bush reportedly received improper benefits during 2003-2005.

Many thought it was unfair that Bush had to relinquish his trophy, but with the landscape of college football changing, the Heisman Trust decided to do the right thing.

Here's how some former and current NFL players responded to the news, congratulating Bush on getting his trophy back:

"About damn time congrats bro @ReggieBush," Shawn Merriman tweeted.
"Yes sirskii. It’s timeee," Caleb Williams tweeted.
"Thank you to the @HeismanTrophy for doing what’s right and welcoming a storied member of our history back into the fold. There were many voices throughout this process that stood on the table for Reggie simply because of the kind of human being he is. I look forward to being on that stage with you this December @ReggieBush you deserve it," Manziel said in another post.

It wasn't just NFL players who were happy to see Bush get his Heisman Trophy back. Football fans all over social media celebrated the event.

With the news of Bush getting his trophy back, he was also invited to attend all future Heisman Trophy ceremonies.

Here's how other fans reacted to the news:

"This is wayyyyyyy overdue. The game has changed so much. Good for Reggie!," one fan wrote.
"Congrats Reggie Bush! Should have never had it taken away in the first place," another fan wrote.
"Long overdue. It was a travesty they took it from him in the first place," one fan said.

Reggie Bush foreshadowed in a January interview that he would get his Heisman Trophy back

Reggie Bush during Utah v USC
Reggie Bush during Utah v USC

Reggie Bush seemingly knew that he would be getting his Heisman Trophy back.

With how college football has changed as far as NIL deals and college athletes being paid and able to land sponsorships, it was only a matter of time before the NCAA would hand Bush his trophy back.

In a January interview with former NFL wide receiver Julian Edelman, Bush hinted the same, saying:

"We got some things coming down the pipeline that are going to change that. And that's about as far as I can tell you, but yeah, I'm on the Heisman Trust's a*s and the NCAA, I can say that I'm on they a*s."

Fast forward to three-and-a-half months later, Reggie Bush has his trophy back. The official announcement will come at some point later today from the Heisman Trust.

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