Dallas Cowboys owner Jerry Jones breaks silence on Kelvin Joseph's murder investigation

Jerry Jones finally chimed in on the Kelvin Joseph situation
Jerry Jones finally chimed in on the Kelvin Joseph situation

Dallas Cowboys owner Jerry Jones broke his silence regarding the ongoing murder investigation involving Kelvin Joseph. The cornerback was in the passenger's seat when the driver of that vehicle killed someone in a drive-by shooting in Texas.

Jones' statement didn't say too much on the subject. It read more like a plea to get reporters to stop asking him what's going on with the Dallas DB's status moving forward:

“It’s under investigation. I don’t know any more than I’ve seen written. I have no information that impacts his status this time of year. He's very active and involved in getting ready for the upcoming season.”

Cowboys QB Dak Prescott was similarly tight-lipped when talking to reporters about the Kelvin Joseph situation. Though he noted that the second-year pro has been present at the team facility:

“He’s been around. He’s been in the building. A situation like that, none of us can put ourselves in his shoes or know what to do honestly. You let the people that get paid to do that handle those things. And best we can do, I can do, is be a brother and be a teammate to him.”

According to Pro Football Talk's Josh Alper, Joseph could face disciplinary action under the Personal Conduct Policy even if he isn’t charged with a crime. The odds are high that Joseph will be on the sidelines at best, but likely not in uniform, when the season kicks off in September.

Cowboys executive Stephen Jones said that the team would have to wait for the legal process to play out before deciding on any disciplinary action against Joseph in 2022 and beyond:

“The investigation is ongoing. We’re waiting to get all of the information..."

As for whether that will affect Dallas' NFL Draft strategy, Jones, again, played it tight to the vest:

"You're always into taking the best player on our board, as you know. Not unlike we did with CeeDee."

Kelvin Joseph may have a long road ahead in the NFL

Teams should be skeptical of Kelvin Joseph, moving forward, because of this incident. Anyone that hangs around someone capable of taking a human life in a drive-by can be thought of by many as a bit immature and, tangentially, dangerous.

The NFL has looked past some pretty ugly acts in the past, but Joseph has not been in the league long enough to earn enough goodwill for this.

His Cowboys career could be over, and it may be a while before an NFL team considers signing him given this incident. Of course, the Texas State's judicial system may make that decision for everyone anyway.

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