"I don't judge”: Dave Portnoy reacts to Bill Belichick's rumored relationship with 24-year-old Jordon Hudson

Dave Portnoy supports Bill Belichick
Dave Portnoy supports Bill Belichick

Bill Belichick isn’t gearing up for a new football season for the first time in more than 20 years. However, that hasn't stopped the former New England Patriots head coach from being in the news. Dave Portnoy shared his take on Belichick’s rumored recent relationship with former collegiate cheerleader Jordan Hudson.

Reportedly, after breaking up with longtime girlfriend Linda Holliday in 2023, the legendary coach started his relationship with Hudson, after meeting her on a flight. The 48-year age gap between the couple was bound to raise some chatter following the 72-year-old Belichick’s relationship being reported.

The Barstool Sports founder Dave Portnoy also has a history of dating girls younger than him and shared his take on his podcast BFFs.

“It’s a big gap. You guys have problems with age gaps. That’s fine. I don’t judge. They met naturally over her homework on a plane. … They’re in love.” [ 10:11 – 10:16]

Portnoy points out that the Philosophy grad from BSU was working on her philosophy project when she met Belichick on the plane to consult with him. He certainly finds nothing surprising or odd in the two having a large age gap.

Others react to Bill Belichick and Jordon Hudson

Apart from the NFL fans sharing their take on Bill Belichick's rumored new relationship, several others have also aired their opinions. However, sports media personality Jason Whitlock called into question Belichick’s ability to further coach an NFL team due to this relationship. On his podcast, Whitlock said:

“Bill Belichick, 24-year-old, that's not a good look. And it authentically makes me question, like, can he really coach an NFL team anymore?"
"Maybe that's been the problem the last couple of years, if he's been distracted in pursuit of a 24-year-old. Trust me that's a hell of a distraction.” [ 01:07:57 – 01:08:24]

Only time will tell whether this new relationship, or anything else, will prove to be a thorn in Belichick’s plans to regain the top coaching job with an NFL franchise.

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