"Delete this post before the league gets hold of it and randomly drug tests him" - NFL fans speculate about Aaron Rodgers looking high at golf event

Green Bay Packers v Detroit Lions
Green Bay Packers v Detroit Lions

The NFL generally has strict penalties for drug-related infractions. Josh Gordon was once suspended indefinitely from the league, while Daryl Washington received a full-year suspension in 2014. Aldon Smith received a nine-game ban in the same year before later being suspended indefinitely. Will Fuller missed six games in the 2020 season due to a drug infraction.

It's not a good idea for athletes to take drugs, so when football fans saw a picture of Aaron Rodgers looking like he might have been under the influence, they were a little concerned.

@itskatiebrown @AaronRodgers12 @PatMcAfeeShow @BostonConnr @OfficialAJHawk Delete this post before the nfl gets ahold of it and randomly drug tests Rodgers

However, one user pointed out that it's no longer illegal in the NFL.

@DielemanJosh @itskatiebrown @AaronRodgers12 @PatMcAfeeShow @BostonConnr @OfficialAJHawk State legal. And not being tested for anymore. Still can't believe the NFL wasted the primes of Josh Gordon and Ricky Williams over basically nothing.…
Screenshot via RobertMcLeery6 on Twitter
Screenshot via RobertMcLeery6 on Twitter

Packers fans couldn't resist dragging Pat McAfee into it.

@itskatiebrown @AaronRodgers12 @PatMcAfeeShow @BostonConnr @OfficialAJHawk He's with McAfee, you think they're not lighting it up lol?

The NFL's harshest drug punishments

The league has never taken drug abuse lightly. In 1989, former Cincinnati Bengal Stanley Wilson was suspended for life. In 1995, Philadelphia Eagles offensive lineman Bernard Williams also received a lifetime ban.


The following is a list of players who received indefinite bans, but were later reinstated:

  • Tanard Jackson (2x)
  • Dale Carter (2x)
  • Fred Davis
  • Tony Peters
  • Johnny Jolly
  • Silas Redd
  • Travis Henry

Those who did not have their indefinite suspensions removed:

  • Justin Blackmon
  • Tanard Jackson (his third indefinite suspension)
  • Trey Watts
  • Sammie Lee Hill
  • Martavis Bryant
  • Josh Gordon (has had two indefinite suspensions)
  • Randy Gregory
  • David Irving
  • Rolando McLain

Players who missed out on an entire season due to drug-related suspensions:

  • Darren Waller
  • Justin Gilbert
  • Aldon Smith
  • Frank Alexander
  • Dion Jordan
  • Ricky Williams

While the league does seem to have mellowed regarding weed-related offenses in recent years, they're still prone to cracking down on other types of substance abuse. As such, players, including Aaron Rodgers, have to be very careful.

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