Ex-Patriots star reveals NE had trouble seeing downgrade between No. 12 and Cam Newton - “Who cares about Tom Brady?”

Cam Newton gets retroactive backing from former Patriots star in wake of Tom Brady
Cam Newton gets retroactive backing from former Patriots star in wake of Tom Brady's exit

Many claimed that the loss of Tom Brady could not be understated. However, when the transition was taking place in New England in preparation for the 2020 season, Brady's former teammates failed to see the difference between Cam Newton and No. 12. Speaking on Good Morning Football, Jason McCourty revealed a blurring of the lines. Here's how he put it:

"I was in New England for the post-Tom Brady [transition]. We got Cam Newton and we had Jarrett Stidham. We're like, 'What the hell is going to be the difference?' Guys down in Tampa this year saying, 'Now we got Baker, we got Kyle Trask.' Who cares about Tom Brady? I'm all for it."

Of course, fans know what the difference is. The quarterback's accuracy and choosing the correct receiver on each play could be the difference between a 40-20 win and a 20-40 loss. Their ability to place the ball accurately could be the difference between a 5-yard gain and a touchdown.

For example, a receiver able to be hit in stride could outrun his defender while getting the ball. However, if a ball's placement is just six inches off, the receiver could be forced to stand still or run back, changing his opportunities after the catch as defenders close.

At first glance, it is just a quarterback throwing the ball, but the minute accuracy matters on an objective level.

How did Tom Brady's accuracy compare with Cam Newton's under Bill Belichick?

Cam Newton at 148th Kentucky Derby
Cam Newton at 148th Kentucky Derby

In 20 years with the New England Patriots, No. 12 managed to maintain a 63.8 percent accuracy rating. He also threw for 541 touchdowns and 179 interceptions in addition to 74,000 yards. In comparison, Cam Newton actually was more accurate through the air than No. 12. He completed 65.8 percent of his throws.


However, he failed to do much with the completed passes, throwing for eight touchdowns and 10 interceptions. He went 7-8 in his only season. Of course, No. 12's 20 seasons offer much more of a sample size than Newton.

Newton lasted just one season with Belichick, forcing him to get Mac Jones in the NFL Draft the April following his 2020 season and again at the end of the preseason that year.


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