EXCLUSIVE: Insider reveals NFL owners won't force Dan Snyder to sell Commanders to avoid getting exposed themselves

NFL insider John Keim believes Dan Snyder will remain as owner of Commanders for the foreseeable future
NFL insider John Keim believes Dan Snyder will remain as owner of Commanders for the foreseeable future

The Washington Commanders often found themselves in the headlines during the the 2021 NFL season for a variety of reasons. From disappointments on the field, to a railing at FedEx Field collapsing on itself and narrowly missing Philadelphia Eagles quarterback Jalen Hurts, the franchise always had people talking.

But more often than not, it wasn't what happened inside the confines of FedEx that grabbed eyeballs. Washington Commanders owner Dan Snyder found himself embroiled in a number of controversial moments.


With the franchise currently under Congressional investigation over accusations of a toxic workplace, Snyder has built quite a poor reputation for himself over the years.

This has prompted many to question whether or not the league will take decisive action against the Commanders owner to force his hand and sell his beloved team. In case you're wondering, this can be done, according to the NFL bylaws.

Statement from Roger Goodell on Dan Snyder and the Washington Football Team:

League Commissioner Roger Goodell could propose firing any owner for inappropriate conduct. For that to happen, three-quarters of the league's owners would need to vote for the motion.

NFL Insider John Keim, while speaking on Sportskeeda's Inside the Huddle podcast, delved deeper into the subject:

"I know what the fans want to hear, which is, is he going to sell the team? And is he going to be forced to sell the team? I don't think we're at that point. I would say there's probably more sentiment now than there was six months ago for maybe more owners being willing to not worry about setting a bad or setting a precedent of just voting a guy for certain things."

Keim stated that it is unlikely that other franchise owners would go as far as to vote for the Commanders owners' removal:

"I think, the fear has always been, and I definitely think there are owners that still think this way, where the fear is, well, it sets a bad precedent, if we vote him out, who's he going to come after in court? Like, 'What skeletons are in my closet that might be exposed, that I don't want exposed?'"

The insider explained that things work a little differently when you have a 10 figure net worth.

"You have to remember, these guys live in a different world than most regular folks. So what might seem all that for us might be viewed differently among them."

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Dan Snyder refuses to testify under subpoena over Commanders investigation

Dan Snyder agreed to testify in front of Congress' House Oversight committee via video conference on July 28. The committee, however, struck down his attorney's request for him to testify voluntarily.

The committee made it clear that the Commanders owner must testify under subpoena, a proposal which is now being contested by Snyder's legal team.

To clarify: His attorney said there's no need for a subpoena; the HOC has not yet served one. A spokesperson for Snyder said, "The Oversight Committee refuses to take ‘yes’ for an answer.”…

The multi-billionaire Commanders owner is currently spending time on his private yacht overseas. This has stopped the committee from serving him the subpoena. As per a report by The Wall Street Journal, subpoenas have to be served directly to the person in question, unless the client's lawyer accepts it on their behalf.


This saga doesn't seem to have any end in sight. With other league owners unlikely to put their foot down, the Commanders will likely continue to be embroiled in such controversies for the foreseeable future.

The episode will be out soon on Inside The Huddle.

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