Former NFL executive gets candid about Tom Brady acquiring minority stake in Las Vegas Raiders

Brandt gives his thoughts on Brady
Brandt gives his thoughts on Brady's stake in the Raiders

Former NFL quarterback Tom Brady continues to make moves off the field. It was reported last week that the seven-time Super Bowl champ had purchased a minority stake in the Las Vegas Raiders.

It is not uncommon for high-profile athletes like Brady to put their money into a franchise or business post their playing career. We imagine that simply by having Brady's name mentioned in conversations about the Raiders will bring in money for the franchise.

So too does former NFL general manager Andrew Brandt. He was speaking on the Joe Pomp Show with Joe Pompliano and discussed Tom Brady's move.

“This is something for him to stay involved. My first reaction, Joe, was well, he's not paying retail. Yeah. So if it's valued at 5 billion, and he's getting 1 percent, he's not paying 50 million. Because as everyone knows, name value is so important. You know, when have you and I ever talked about it, a minority partner on a team.
"He's got just incredible name value, maybe the biggest name ever to play in the sport. And that's going to be important for the Raiders. It's giving them cachet already. We're talking about the Raiders ownership. We're talking about the Raiders. We're talking about Las Vegas aces.”

Tom Brady still making moves post NFL career

Tampa Bay Buccaneers v Arizona Cardinals
Tampa Bay Buccaneers v Arizona Cardinals

When you are one of, if not the, most recognizable athletes on the planet, you are going to have a lot of business interests outside of your chosen career.

This is true for Brady as along with his new stake in the Raiders, he also has several businesses. These include his NFT company called Autograph, his clothing line called BradyBrand, and his famous TB12 method, which promotes a different, healthy way of life for people and athletes.

Let's not forget that apart from all of that mentioned above, Tom Brady has his career earnings from playing football. Then, there is his impending 10-year, $375 million deal with Fox Sports as a commentator beginning in 2024.

So, he has a lot on his plate and as Brandt stated, anything that has the 'Brady' name tied to it is going to create a lot of money for businesses. It likely will do the same for the Raiders.

Tom Brady is one of the most recognizable icons in sports and he is not stopping putting doing business deals. Who knows which franchise he could invest in next.

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