"Hilarious" - Deebo Samuel shares his opinion on Adam Schefter's reporting

San Francisco 49ers v Philadelphia Eagles
San Francisco 49ers v Philadelphia Eagles

Deebo Samuel has taken the NFL world by storm after reportedly demanding a trade from the San Francisco 49ers. Now fans and analysts alike are trying to figure out what led to the split.

ESPN's Adam Schefter had an interesting theory, declaring that the receiver wants to play closer to home, which for Samuel is South Carolina. He said as much on Wednesday afternoon.

Schefter is a top NFL reporter, so everything he says comes with a high level of credibility. Yet sometimes, the actual source has a different opinion.

That's exactly what happened when the young star took to Instagram to laugh about what Schefter was reporting. A screenshot of his Instagram story shows a caption saying "@ADAMSCHEFTER HILARIOUS. MANE SAID BECAUSE I WANT TO BE CLOSE TO HOME," with several laughing emojis.

There have been a handful of rumors as to why Samuel wants out of the Bay Area. Based on the receiver's own words, the location is not even remotely close to why a trade is being sought.

Location will not impact where Deebo Samuel plays

Minnesota Vikings v San Francisco 49ers
Minnesota Vikings v San Francisco 49ers

The report from Schefter may have caused concern for NFL teams far from South Carolina, however, the receiver's response has surely cleared this up and any team interested in him will remain in the mix, regardless of their location.

Schefter's theory is just one of many floating around out there, yet the most logical is that Samuel doesn't want to be used as a runner and a pass-catcher. Locking in money now acts as insurance, in case his high level of usage leads to an injury in 2022. This could be a wise strategy as he is set to earn just under $4 million this season.

At the moment, the receiver wants to be traded from the 49ers. The reason why may not matter if he has truly made up his mind. Yet Schefter did get his report from a source, which is why he shared it in the first place. This leaves us with two possibilities: either Schefter's information was bad or Samuel wants to conceal the real reason as to why he wants to move away from San Francisco.

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