How many years does Russell Wilson have left with the Seattle Seahawks?

Seattle Seahawks QB Russell Wilson
Seattle Seahawks QB Russell Wilson
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Modified 16 Apr 2021

The Seattle Seahawks and Russell Wilson are going through some issues right now. Russell Wilson has stepped out of character and spoken about his problems with the Seahawks. The Chicago Bears made a massive trade offer for Wilson, but Pete Carroll declined the offer.

The Bears offered three first-round draft picks, a third-round draft pick and two starters for Russell Wilson. Seattle considered the deal, but ultimately Pete Carroll is the one who makes the final decision. The deal got all the way to Carroll and he decided to reject the trade offer which led to the Bears signing Andy Dalton.

With the Seattle Seahawks receiving and considering offers for Russell Wilson, it raises a pertinent question.

How much longer does Russell Wilson have with the Seahawks?

Seattle Seahawks QB Russell Wilson
Seattle Seahawks QB Russell Wilson

The Seattle Seahawks have Russell Wilson for the 2021-2022 NFL season, and this could potentially be the last season that Wilson wears a Seahawks jersey. If the Seattle Seahawks offensive line struggles again this season, Russell Wilson will want to be traded.

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Russell Wilson did something interesting this off-season. He gave the Seattle Seahawks a list of teams that he will accept to be traded for. That list isn't set in stone and will most likely change after free agency signings.


Three out of the four teams that are on Russell Wilson's list will most likely stay. The New Orleans Saints, Las Vegas Raiders and Chicago Bears will likely remain as destinations for Wilson. However, after the Dallas Cowboys made a long-term commitment to Dak Prescott, they will likely be off the list.

One team that could be added is the New York Giants. Wilson has expressed interest in wanting to live in New York and is open to playing for the Giants. Now that the Giants have added wide receiver talent, they could be added to his list of trade destinations.

The Seattle Seahawks have one more shot with Wilson. This season will be their last chance to show that they want him there with the team. If it doesn't work the way Russell Wilson wants it to, he will be traded either during the 2021 NFL season or before the 2022 NFL season. The last thing that Seattle wants is to be in the same situation that the Texans are in with Deshaun Watson.

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Published 23 Mar 2021, 00:44 IST
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