"How much help does Tom Brady need?" - NFL fans BLAST QB after Buccaneers sign RB Le'Veon Bell

FA RB Le'Veon Bell set to sign with Tampa Bay Buccaneers
FA RB Le'Veon Bell set to sign with Tampa Bay Buccaneers

The Tampa Bay Buccaneers and quarterback Tom Brady have gone from having a grasp on the NFC's No.1 seed one week ago to dropping down to the No.3 seed after a loss to the New Orleans Saints. The worst part of it all is that Tom Brady lost his star wide receiver Chris Godwin and star running back Leonard Fournette.

The Buccaneers followed the same path to the Super Bowl as they did last year: sign whatever free-agent talent there is. They added Leonard Fournette, Rob Gronkowski and Antonio Brown last season and have now added running back Le'Veon Bell to fill in for Fournette. As one might predict, NFL fans had some choice words about the signing.

NFL fans tear into Tom Brady and the Buccaneers after Le'Veon Bell signing

NFL Network reporter Tom Pelissero broke the news of Le'Veon Bell's pending signing:

Sources: The #Bucs are signing RB Le’Veon Bell, pending physical.

And the comments on the post were comical and blasted Tom Brady for needing more "help", as @KyleBroughton4 and many others have pointed out:

@TomPelissero Brady needs a super team to win
@TomPelissero How much help does Brady need?
@TomPelissero What's next sign TO and Dez Bryant? 😆

When called out on his post, @KyleBroughton4 doubled down and basically called Aaron Rodgers the GOAT over Brady (without naming him explicitly, but we can all guess who he was hinting at):

@SSteffelbauer01 @TomPelissero If Tom Brady is so great then he should be able to do more with less like what another QB has done the past 5 years...

@Murphs56 went the other route and doesn't see Le'Veon Bell being much "help" for Brady:

@KyleBroughton4 @TomPelissero You think bringing in Bell off the street is help?

@TheGoatMahomes might have had the best take on the situation, and one with some real truth behind it:

@TomPelissero The Bucs are the retirement home of the NFL

Antonio Brown, Tom Brady and Rob Gronkowski could all have been considered on the verge of retirement before opting to join the Buccaneers.

Le'Veon Bell is still under 30, even though he hasn't had much success in the NFL over the last few seasons. Leonard Fournette is not at risk of losing his role on the offense, and Bell might not even play much in Week 16. Still, it does give the Buccaneers a solid RB2 for the playoffs should Fournette be able to return and Tampa Bay are still in it.

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