How to sign up for Madden 24 closed beta version? All new details explained 

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Josh Allen: Madden 24 cover star; How to sign up for Madden 24 closed beta version

The Madden 24 beta version is now online and those lucky enough to get in earlier can sign up and get cracking, but this feature is not available for everyone as Electronic Arts (EA) is ringfencing this opportunity.

EA opened registration for the Madden NFL 24 Beta in April. Those who were granted access should have already been notified by email. The code will be sent in tranches and if you haven't been notified yet, might be worth checking your email.

EA may expand beta testing to more users in the future, but that is not guaranteed for now. The Madden NFL 24 Beta is not tied to any version of the game available for purchase, so there doesn't seem to be an option to buy it either.

EA will send additional codes via Twitter and beyond, so you can follow and access Madden's social channels for further information.

EA will also provide access to the Madden NFL 24 beta version to those affected by the Madden NFL 23 franchise's storage issues. Users will be asked to confirm that the email address associated with their EA Account matches with their primary email address.

Madden 24 closed beta release date

The Madden 24 beta is already in the testing phase and Madden 24 is expected to be released on August 18 this year.

However, a few lucky fans can get access to the Madden 24 closed beta testing, which will be available till June 28, 2023.

Four modes are now available in beta: Play Now, H2H Rankings, Franchises and Practice. Modes added during Beta include Superstars: Leagues, Superstars: Showdown and Madden Ultimate Team.

New to the Madden series, Crossplay is available in Play Now, H2H Ladder, Superstar: Leagues, Superstars: Showdown and Madden Ultimate Team. Furthermore, Crossplay is automatically enabled.

PlayStation and PC users can disable this in Madden 24 settings, while Xbox users will need to disable crossplay in their console's general system settings. Players can also try over 500 new games in beta. EA warned that the beta playbook is not final and may change before release.

Those participating in the beta version are prohibited from recording, streaming or collecting any content. Users may not post reactions of any kind on social media or on the internet in general. Anyone doing so may be banned from the beta version and have their Madden account suspended.

However, those who are participating, are getting an early look at the game before the potential release date in August. Hopefully, if their feedback and experiences are robust enough, Madden 24 beta should lead to the best Madden game ever, which is free from glitches and any potential gameplay issues.

Edited by Veer Badani
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