"Aaron Rodgers is a f**khead and the NFL should be ashamed of themselves" - Howard Stern rips Packers QB's toe injury

Howard Stern mocks Aaron Rodgers over injury status
Howard Stern mocks Aaron Rodgers over injury status

It seems that Aaron Rodgers and his stance on vaccination is not going away anytime soon. After returning against the Seahawks, Rodgers took the field Sunday in a 34-31 loss to Kirk Cousins and the Minnesota Vikings.

During the game, Rodgers hurt his toe, which has plagued him for the past few weeks. Howard Stern, still with an axe to grind against the reigning NFL MVP, took aim at Rodgers and put him on blast over his toe injury.

“Now I hear he has a toe injury. When he had the toe injury — did he go to the doctor or did he go to Joe Rogan? Who fixed his toe?” Stern said on his Monday morning SiriusXM show. “I bet you he went to a doctor, so he goes to doctors for everything else, but on the vaccine, he’s listening to Joe Rogan.”
Packers QB Aaron Rodgers explains his vaccination situation on @PatMcAfeeShow:

Aaron Rodgers injury: Howard Stern also blasted Packers QB's decision to consult Joe Rogan

Stern made a valid point, but his condemnation of the Packers quarterback did not stop there. He went back to where it all began for Rodgers and his vaccination status, and Stern did not hold back in his take on Rodgers after seemingly coming to terms with the quarterback's stance on COVID and the vaccine.

“This f—king Aaron Rodgers he’s a scumbag! Because he lied! Forget about the part that he didn’t take the vaccine, he lied to everybody,” Stern said.
“He put people in danger. People have families. He’s a f**khead and the NFL should be ashamed of themselves.”

The whole Rodgers-vaccination incident stemmed from a press conference back in training camp when Rodgers was asked if he was vaccinated to which he replied "yeah I'm immunizied." This led to many believing he was vaccinated against COVID.

However, when he contracted the virus after the team's win over Arizona, he was forced to him 10 days (for unvaccinated) instead of potentially only three (for vaccinated) which according to the NFL's protocol and policy is only for unvaccinated players, and this is how the world found out he was not vaccinated against the virus.

Rodgers then tried to justify his decision on the Pat McAfee Show and went on to have an 18 minute talk about his reasons for doing what he did. Some agreed with him while others condemned him for it.

Just as we thought the incident was behind us, it reared its ugly head yet again and Stern put Rodgers on blast and did not mince words about how he felt about the situation.

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