"I’ve softened up here" - Tom Brady feels Tampa weather has caused him to rethink his preferred weather conditions

Tampa Bay Buccaneers vs. New England Patriots
Tampa Bay Buccaneers vs. New England Patriots

For two decades, New England Patriots quarterback Tom Brady had his career defined in part by his ability to thrive in any weather condition.

Through blistering cold, dreadful snowstorms, and heavy rain, Brady always managed to play his best no matter the weather situation at Gillette Stadium or any other setting.

This is proven by Brady's first iconic game, which came to be known as "The Snow Bowl" for Patriots fans, which the rest of the NFL knows as the "Tuck Rule game".

But all that is in the past. Now Brady wants nothing more than blue skies.

Brady is happy of getting rid of the cold

Appearing on ESPN's alternate broadcast of Monday Night Football with Peyton and Eli Manning, aka Manningcast, Brady confessed he had learned some things about himself since moving to Tampa, FL.

Tom Brady on MNF ManningCast talking cold weather: "Screw that, I never want to deal with that again." 😅
"The reality is I always considered myself, and I told this to Clyde Christensen [the Buccaneers quarterback coach ] the other day; I always considered myself a cold-weather quarterback. But being here now, down in Tampa, I'm a warm-weather quarterback. That's just -- I mean, screw that. I never want to deal with that [cold] ever again."

The first, and so far the last time Brady visited Gillette Stadium in Foxborough, MA, he managed to escape with a last-second field-goal in a 19-17 win. It rained a lot during the whole game, and the quarterback did only well enough not to lose the clash against his former team at his former home (22/43, 269 yards, 6.3 average, 0 touchdowns, 0 interceptions, 70.8 passer rating).

Regarding the Tampa Bay Buccaneers Week 10 game against the Washington Football Team at FedExField in Landover, MD, Brady said in the ManningCast:

I'm already checking the weather forecast in November. So it tells you how much I've softened up here in my very short period of time down here in South Florida.
Brady on the Manningcast:"I always considered myself a cold weather quarterback but ... I mean, screw that. I never want to deal with that again.I’m already checking the forecast in Washington in November. So it tells you how much I’ve softened up in my time here in Florida."

Brady, of course, is discovering what most people already know: "It is easy to get used to the good stuff."

In this case, the good stuff for Brady is playing without having to worry about warming the body or not feeling the ball and making every throw, knowing that there is no water to make him lose the grip.

Brady's discovery about himself will surely be something that motivates him to win every game during the regular season to earn home-field advantage during the playoffs.

Edited by Henno van Deventer
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