Insider notes on 2024 NFL Draft: Rams eyeing intriguing trade up, Vikings beginning to panic over QB room

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Insider notes on 2024 NFL Draft: Rams eyeing intriguing trade up, Vikings beginning to panic over QB room

Just a few more hours before Commissioner Roger Goodell officially calls the Chicago Bears to the clock and the 2024 NFL Draft begins.

With the first two picks seemingly locked in, the fun starts with the Patriots' third selection, and there’s still a lot of uncertainty.

Latest on Bengals star Trey Hendrickson's trade request

Cincinnati Bengals pass rusher Trey Hendrickson made waves earlier this week demanding the team trade him. Yet, according to sources close to the player, Hendrickson is looking for long-term security rather than a change of scenery.

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In a conversation earlier today, I was informed Hendrickson and his agent tried to renegotiate his deal last year, offering different proposals for three-year, four-year and even five-year deals, yet the Bengals offered nothing more than a small bump in pay and a promise to address the situation in the future.

Since signing with the Bengals as a free agent in 2021, Hendrickson has combined for 39.5 sacks the past three seasons and according to his agent has, “outplayed his contract.” Yet, the team has said nothing about a contract extension and refuses to negotiate.

Nothing would make Hendrickson happier than to sign an extension and stay in Cincinnati as he believes the team is close to winning a championship. With the draft about to kick off and Hendrickson in demand, there are no expectations the Bengals would be willing to move him anytime soon.

2024 NFL Draft: Multiple teams eyeing a trade up for Xavier Worthy

I mentioned the affection the Indianapolis Colts have for receiver Xavier Worthy earlier today after mocking to the team at the 15th pick yesterday. Word out of Detroit last night is the Colts may trade up for Worthy to ensure he’s on their roster as the franchise may have competition for the speedy wideout.

I’m told that the Buffalo Bills will broach moving up for Worthy and he would also be a player the Arizona Cardinals target if they move down from the fourth spot. There's even some belief Worthy is a player the Miami Dolphins would consider moving up for. At this point, it would be a surprise if Worthy gets out of the teens.

2024 NFL Draft: Are Vikings starting to panic?

According to sources, the Vikings are starting to move into panic mode as their recent attempts to trade up for a quarterback have been rebuffed. While the team has two picks in the first round (the 11th and 23rd selection), they have no day two picks and will have to sweeten the offer with selections in 2025.

I’m told Byron Murphy is a player they will target with the 11th pick if they can’t trade up, something I initially reported from the Shrine Bowl back in January. However, there’s a very good chance the defensive tackle from Texas is drafted prior to that pick.

Syndication: Online Athens
Syndication: Online Athens

2024 NFL Draft: Brock Bowers intriguing LA Rams

Reports indicate the Los Angeles Rams are attempting to move into the top 10 from the 19th spot where they presently sit.

Multiple people tell me if they do move up, the team will target Georgia tight end Brock Bowers. Tyler Higbee, the team's starting tight end, has seen his play drop off significantly last season and has two years left on his deal, with nominal money in 2025.

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