Jackson Mahomes breaks silence after video of being denied entry to Brittany Mahomes' table during Super Bowl party goes viral

Jackson Mahomes banned from joining sister-in-law Brittany at a Las Vehas party
Jackson Mahomes banned from joining sister-in-law Brittany at a Las Vehas party

A day before the 2024 Super Bowl, Jackson Mahomes is making headlines again - for the wrong reasons.

In a viral TikTok video that later circulated on Twitter, the younger brother of Kansas City Chiefs star quarterback Patrick Mahomes can be seen attempting to join a party that sister-in-law Brittany is also attending. However, a security guard refused to admit him as she simply shrugged:

He later responded on Twitter:

"The internet is crazyyyy."

Jackson Mahomes defended by mother Randi on podcast

When one thinks of Jackson Mahomes, controversy and obnoxiousness come to mind. From disrespecting opposing teams to alleged criminal acts, he has become a "heat magnet" within the NFL fandom.

However, his mother Randi thinks that such an image is overblown. She recently spoke on the "Got It From My Momma" podcast, calling the sexual assault allegations against him "fake":

“You find out really who people are when you go through those trials. Even for my children, all of them, it brought us all closer together... As a mother, as I watch a TV station that loves one child, and then absolutely hates the other, it not only affects me, it affects both children and my daughter."

An overview of the controversial acts involving Jackson Mahomes, other members of Patrick Mahomes’ family

As the popular idiom goes, Patrick Mahomes has “skeletons in his closet”, thanks to Jackson Mahomes and others.

While the multiple-time MVP has been one of the morally upright members of his family, most of the rest have not proven themselves to be at his standard. Brittany may be the tamest of them, with her worst antics like spilling beer onto spectators failing to overshadow her efforts as a trailblazer for Kansas City sports, especially women’s soccer.

Then there is his father, Patrick Sr. Formerly a baseball player, he recently attracted controversy when he was arrested for DUI - his third such charge.

But Jackson may be the most controversial of the bunch. His first tryst with controversy was in 2021 when, after a Chiefs loss to the Ravens, he spilled water on a Baltimore fan. Then a month later, he angered Washington fans by dancing on an area of FedEx Field that had been dedicated to late safety Sean Taylor. And that is not to mention his 2023 arrest for allegedly unlawfully kissing the owner of a restaurant in Overland Park, Kansas.

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