“Why would you play a f**king game with my life" - JaMarcus Russell solely blames Raiders for his disastrous NFL career

NFL Players Rookie Premiere Jamarcus Russell
NFL Players Rookie Premiere Jamarcus Russell

JaMarcus Russell is the poster child for NFL busts. He was taken first overall and did not even remotely play up to that level. He didn't even make it to a second contract.

He is infamous for allegedly having told the Oakland Raiders brass that he studied a tape they gave him even though it was completely blank. However, the former quarterback is trying to clear the air on his NFL career.


He went on The Pivot Podcast and blasted the Raiders for his lackluster career:

“Why would you play a f**king game with my life. Why would you f**k me over? You’re supposed to be teaching me so we can get better, man. I never got that. LSU wouldn’t have done no s**t like that.”

The former LSU product alleged that his university would never have treated him like the NFL franchise did.

He went on to say that he was trying to enjoy his NFL career but was dealt a poor hand:

“I wasn’t doing crazy s**t. I was trying to chill, relax… and trying to win some football games. Unfortunately, I wasn’t winning. But I was dealt a bulls**t hand. I’m at practice, bro, and these folks couldn’t catch a reverse, bro. Six plays straight, but you want to go downfield and catch a 90-yard pass.”

Russell was supposed to be the savior for the Raiders but only contributed to their regression by being a complete bust. He believes he couldn't have succeeded in Oakland.

The talent surrounding JaMarcus Russell at the Raiders

Detroit Lions v Oakland Raiders in 2007
Detroit Lions v Oakland Raiders in 2007

The former first-overall draft pick was a member of the Raiders in 2007, 2008, and 2009. He started a few games in 2007, but the surrounding talent wasn't incredible.

The top two wide receivers on the roster were Ronald Curry and Jerry Porter, neither of whom made a Pro Bowl in their careers.

The following season, Porter was replaced by Javon Walker, who only put up about 200 yards but eventually made one Pro Bowl.


In 2009, Russell's last season, the Raiders drafted rookie Derrius Heyward-Bey, who didn't make a Pro Bowl but did have a fairly lengthy career. Louis Murphy, another rookie, was his second option and had a fairly long career. Zach Miller went on to make a Pro Bowl, but the three players couldn't help Russell as he threw just 1,300 yards, three touchdowns, and 11 interceptions in nine starts.

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